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You're the reason

Good morning!! So, menstrual cycle ended Wednesday and I had (mild, for me) migraine on Thursday. Seems as all the hormonal crap returned to "normal" (whatever that may be) my body was not happy. So I sent someone out for bananas and double iced espressos, which I promptly ingested, rapidly. Then I went for a walk in the brick, windy day where it was cooler than my office. Felt better, and by the time I arrived home, felt much better than when I started the day. No pain medication, just foods from my "COLD" list, according to TCM. Stick with me, really... I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least possibility of living life without adding chemicals to my already screwed up system. Seeing my healer today for an "after cycle" tuneup, so to speak. Then, an evening of fun & games and Goddess karoke with Patricia Monaghan!! But, now.... off to earn kibble! And then to see my friends this evening!

in light of today's events...

The Native American Prayer of PeaceOh Great Spirit, this is my prayer:
Help me to feel thine urge and thy message.
Help me to be just and at all times help me be kind.If my brothers and sisters are weak and faltering, help me to the good thoughts, and show me the way that I may help them. Move me so that I may find a way to help all those who are in need.Oh Great Spirit, I pray for your blessing.
I pray that you bring peace to all my brothers and sisters of this world.
I pray that you give us the knowledge to live as brothers and sisters and to love one another. Oh Great Spirit of our ancestors,
I raise my pipe to you,
To your messengers the four winds,
And to Mother Earth who provides for your children.
Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to re…

Shedding some light on things

Last night, Jeff (the adorable 'can do it all' son of our next door's neighbor) came over and started revamping Luna & Loki's habitat lighting. The ballasts for our 4 foot UV tubes was out of date & old so Lokie went 2 days without UV :-( and therefore wont eat. Tube would work IF you held it up against the ballast but I cannot do that 12.5 hours a day AND go earn kibble. So, part of 1 the lighting project done last night and part 2 will be completed tonight. Hecate & Indra got their new lights installed Sunday but we lacked all the needed supplies for the complete revamp on the L&L one.

I spent last night running recycle to "Green Guy" in San Marcos and then I cleaned habitats, made stuffed tomatoes (think bell pepper but with tastier surroundings) and created some sympathy cards for a client that needs one. Whichever ones do not get picked will go to my rack at the Bastrop Producer's Market. For those of you that were aslking for info…

1 year later... and?

A year later ... my thoughts? Having now completely "kicked" the western medicine habit and gone over to the other side of the world, so to speak- where am I, healthwise? If you recall, I was taking a prescription medication for migraines that required 2 OTHERS to counteract its side-effects. I quit them all and am not taking ANY pills other than Chinese Herbs as directed by my Healer. (isn't she a doll?!)

And, I am doing terrific. There are still some bad days so please don't think I am a miracle case or something. Take last Sunday, for example. Valentine's Day, with whatever that may bring up for you. How did I spend it? Tug-of-war with a menstrual migraine. And I am grateful. Why? Because I got the migraine ON the day I started my cycle, not 3 days BEFORE.

The reason for my exuberance? Sunday I put some theories to the test. you see, I have been eating foods more for their energetic properties (based on TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine) than on their Western…

All that she wants...

Had lots of fun yesterday, in spite of migraine... neighbors came over with their 17 month old... who needs to learn what "NO" means in other peoples (ie: non-kid proof) homes. They spent more time chasing after Peanut than socializing, almost. So, Spirit turned kitchen UPSIDE DOWN yesterday while I made St Patrick's Day cards. I knwo where nothing is!! Apaprently prepared for that, as every cabinet is now labeled for the habit challenged. Except this morning I STILL opened wrong cabinet for the omelet plates. Sigh. and that was AFTER my 1st cup of coffee.

Clinic today after work... I LOVE my acupuncturist! Makes the day worth getting up for. Except I did not do my 20 mins of walking today. Will write that off to cramps/PMS. I can do that once, right?

So, this card was made with some embosslits I had not yet played with...DSP background.