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beyond bored... but friend has a Cafe Press site

Well, it is one of my co-worker's vacation in Terlingua. And, Newest Newbie is out sick with her baby still. AND the bosses are pigging somewhere in the great state of Tx at a "Stock Show". On the good side, it has been a REALLY slow day. Nice weather tends to do that to the propane biz, LOL. So, I have been productive, in spite of the work lag. Let's see... I came in, answered a few calls, went to post office, came back and posted payments, balanced my own check books so I could pay my own bills, had an AWESOME salad for lunch (I brought it from home). Spinach, arugula, mixed greens, avocado, cherry tomatoes, feta, croutons, crab meat...YUMMY!! Then what did I do? Checked my email, posted the next Full Moon Meetup, updated my datebook, ordered training manuals from RCG for the upcoming Advisory... and ordered 2000 crickets!! Now, onto Survey Monkey so I can help out with the planning for our groups 2nd Thursday stuff!!


Well, phooey... the newest newbie is a no call/no show for work today... Yesterday when she called in (bc day care would not take sick baby) she said she would be back to work today. But she did not answer her cell or her home phone so we are concerned maybe something is wrong, baby ended up in ER, something drastic? Stay tuned..... It is also her Saturday to work, and the older newbie said she can't cover this Saturday bc of her child. ARGH!!!!
Waiting to hear back from realtor... working for the weekend... and it is only 9am ... sigh...

stormy weather...

Well, it looks like our virtual healing circles are having an effect...had rain when none was forecast. Now, they are forecasting it...a day later is better than never, I guess. LOL. We need rain... we need some refreshment before out 7-8 months of summer hit us.

Called the landlord/landlady Saturday about renewing lease..wanted to see how that was going before going out and buying 300 feet of garden hose and reels, etc. Well, she said she would LOVE to have us renew.. I asked if that meant her husband had given up on turning our front yard into a commercial entity (self-storage facility) and she said "Actually, he is still planning on doing that." So I told her we'd give him a call (we haven't) about it then. Instead, we went looking for a house of our own. Found one... 3 bedroom w/small office, 2 bath, fenced in back yard. Was foreclosed on, so has been sitting, needs windows & stuff from weather & vandals. Inside is quite spiffy, tho. They are advertising i…