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Still short....

...handed, that is... at work. This working 5 day weeks in a job that is meant to be done three days a week sucks. Sigh. On the upside tho, I am now a Paper Crafting Class Instructor for Michael's at Crossroads Center in Gulfport, MS. Hwy 49 @ IH10, in case you are not familiar with it. This coming Saturday, after I work DaVita Monday thru Friday, I will be conducting an Open House from 11am-3pm. Come see me, check on how I am doing. Should be interesting.... no idea what I will be doing or if there is even any required things to be doing. Don't even know what my hourly wage is. But hey... I'm playing with paper and teaching others to do so... and I do that at home for free. So does it really matter?