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Almost 2 months gone..WOW :-(

So I last posted on here February 23rd ...where has the time gone?? OMG!?! Between work (full-time, part-time & self employed), volunteering, Easter, travel to see family AND vacation I have not really stopped. I have been doing my art journal on a regular basis up until 2 weeks ago (need to catch up on that THIS weekend, I promise myself!). And I have been scrapbooking all the even caught up except for our April vacation trip. The Healthy lifestyle challenge is still challenging and at times I am despairing of EVER getting to where I need to be. It turns out that I HATE to exercise. I am good with walking, goodness knows I do enough of that while I am at work!  And I like to walk socially. But I hate doing strengthening exercises. Those weight lifting, core targeting, stretching things. Maybe should take up watching TV and put a gym in living room so I would be more inclined? Who knows. And being in the beginning throes of menopause is NOT helping, lemme just say.

I …