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my Word for the year

is Create... I have taken up the challenge of Journal52 for the year and my Word for this year is “Create”. I have gotten in a rut making just greeting cards and have found, through trying to create classes for Michael’s, that I need to get back to some other types of papercrafting and art. And I want to get back into journaling. I used to write every day but got out of the habit when I started having to get up @ 330am for work. I miss it. Am not going to commit to daily but think I can do so at least weekly. I am more active in ATCs as of late, swapping with others via snail mail. Still no real great art group here. I am still going to the “Scrap & Crop” group that meets locally but have been unable to for Nov & Dec bc of work & holidays. Want to get back into making my own journals as well. Used to be part of a “deco” group, where we made our own booklets & traded them around so that other people worked in them as they got passed around and then they came home full o…