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crap, lost the song

that happens when you wake up @ 7am, spend an hour walking cats & watering the trees in front yard, then doing dishes & participating in a Saturday morning forum. Now, here it is not quite 2 hours later and I am sweaty, in need of breakfast and songless. SIGH. So, onto the card for today!

paper piercing... the act of poking holes in paper to make a pattern or design. Or, as Bella puts it "Paper piercing is a method of decorating paper by inserting a needle thru the paper (piercing) to make a series of small holes that create a design or pattern."

The blue & green backgrounds are from my bleaching paper series. the flower embellishment is a 3D sticker, as is center of the pierced flower. Tada!

It's that time again... HLA

over at Highlowaha, the 18th of every month (bc it was created on that day) is devoted to spending time reflecting on our high, low, and aha from the past month.

Mine are:
HIGH:: finally bought a chest freezer... need one because I cannot eat most canned goods, boxed meals, etc so we buy fresh & freeze a lot of stuff.

LOW:: realizing that I forgot to pay the 1st installment of my tuition (bc I bought a freezer, maybe? LOL) and will have to pay it in full 9-1-9.

AHA:: Things are hard here, with no rain for almost 3 years. But the hard work is worth it and it goes easier when shared with partner, neighbors, etc. I've gotten to know even more about my neighbors as we chat over water hoses!

And, tonight is Bath Night foe the dragons, watering the front yard, and working on some ATCs for a yahoo art group that swaps via snail mail. Wheeeeee!!!


Well, got a LOT packed into this weekend, I tell ya. Friday night Movie, Saturday was "Watering Day", "Art Day" & socializing until late, then Sunday was a mailout for the 17th annual Festival of the Goddess and 2 movie @ a friend's place... oh, and a trip to Michael's crammed in between. then home for yet ANOTHER movie! I am catching up on 40 years of not watching movies, one by one. Two of those were short documentarys but they still count. I also got a lot of my unmounted rubber stamps corralled a bit into a customized (ie: I created it to fit my need) binder with index. that took a while.

This card is made with a photo I took @ the last Texas Wheel (next one is August 30th, y'all!) and turned into a card with some ribbon & matching cardstock. And a sentiment stamp, one of my faves.