Sunny days are here again...

...even tho they are still COLD days. Some sinus drip is removing my voice again but I have been out on the bike several days already this week. Made an 12x12 canvas for a friend. Covered front of the 12x12 file cabinet that Laureli made for me, done as an acrylic pour. Sweet!! Today has been spent making greeting cards to replenish my stash. I was out of sympathy, birthday & thank you cards. Today is the Wild Wednesday scrapbook challenge so will start on that in just a few. Also need to get this month's Mission Inspiration challenge started. All in all, I am fairly on track for the month!! WOW.

March has arrived!!

So March has started off so lovely (and with a Saturday off) that I celebrated by washing and waxing Suzi! And riding weather has been bountiful thus far. Another gorgeous day today on the Coast. March tasks are listed, planner is caught up, bills are paid. I have a couple of planner group meets, a puppy play date to set up for Midi, 4 scrapbook challenges and 1 journal challenge to get done before 3/31. A commissioned paint pour in colours I do not love but will attempt anyways. An order for 30 handmade Christmas cards that I need to start thinking of designing some time soon. Christmas always gets here faster than I think it will. Argh. Got the patio cleared and cleaned, the hot tub heating. WHEW! And even a MUCH NEEDED NAP yesterday.

February saw me complete everything EXCEPT I was short 2 blog posts. I got all my collab art projects out, my pen pals written to, my challenges completed ON TIME, schedule posted, and all my pending birthday cards were sent & arrived on time!!!

a humid day off riding today but it is still a really nice day... steady breeze off the water and over my workspace thru my open windows. A cat is tromping back and forth over my keyboard. The lingering smell of acrylic paint is in my room. There is the sloshing sound from coffee in my cup. Errands to do include procuring turntable, toilet paper & butane (my torch is in need) as well as gifts for birthday party this Friday. Awaiting scrapbooking challenge that is soon to be posted so will work on that when I get back. All this makes for a terrific day off!! All this makes for a terrific day off!! I completed this month's Mission Inspiration challenge last night after work so that is crossed off my list. I have 4 jams and 3 collaboration ATC sets to do and one planner post to make. when all of that is done I will forage for some grub and call it a day. See ya next Wednesday!

keeping track...

You would be correct if you were looking for the Weekly Blog post on 2/7 and thinking it did not appear... I was not in a social mood. Five days into her 18th year, we said good-bye to Ms Abigale. It was a sad day and we buried her with Mr Buoy & Callie and so the 3 Musketeers are once again all together. It was a life well & fully lived and she did, right up until the last moment. And then it was time, and she was ready. and ebern typing this makes me sad so I will leave you with a picture and go play in some art.

Yes, it has been 2 weeks BUT...

I left for Annual Council and returned late yesterday! It was in Southhaven, which is, oddly enough, not anywhere in SOUTH MS. GO figure. Where it IS is in Northwest MS...the very top left corner of the state. Almost next to Memphis. So we did council then headed over to Beale Street, the Nat'l Civil Rights Museum (we'd stopped at the MS one in Jackson on the way up) and some light shopping. Waiting for Snapfish's next penny print sale to get my pics for the scrapbook printed. Speaking of Scrapbook, on to this week's challenges, deadlines and tasks (which will ALL have to be done today as I work rest of week).

But before I go, since today is the last day of did I do?
1) Every Wednesday a new page layout sketch was posted and I created my page in time to qualify for the monthly drawing!.

2) I have completed the January Mission Inspiration art journaling challenge that Mike Deakin put together.

3) All caught up in my in my group's "Birthday Cl…


it started sleeting last night at 11 p.m. and did so throughout the night. Temperatures remained below freezing most of the day if not all of it. Lunch with Laureli and then home to pour some paint. Now off to bed for an early start to a long day tomorrow.

Abigale is no spring chicken

So, over the course of the last year Abigale has gone from 16 pounds to 7.2 pounds. She has been puking every day for the last 2 or 3 and so today she went to see Dr. Hunt. Appt was to be for 2pm but I got called into work and didn't get off until 1:20pm. They did fit me in for 3:30pm today tho so that was awesome. Abigale is still eating and drinking and pooping (altho somewhat hard stools). But the weight loss & puking are quite worrisome. She will be staring at her 17th birthday come February 2nd!!

The verdict? She is in the beginning stages of kidney failure. He gave her a shot to stop the nausea/vomiting for the next 24-48 hours. She came home with a tube of "CatLax" which is basically a tuna flavored vaseline. She is to lick a one-inch strip of it off a plate or finger or something twice a day. Feed her as much wet (aka canned) food as she will eat. Picking up an Rx for her from Sartin's tomorrow (when it is done being compounded). That one will basically b…