it started sleeting last night at 11 p.m. and did so throughout the night. Temperatures remained below freezing most of the day if not all of it. Lunch with Laureli and then home to pour some paint. Now off to bed for an early start to a long day tomorrow.

Abigale is no spring chicken

So, over the course of the last year Abigale has gone from 16 pounds to 7.2 pounds. She has been puking every day for the last 2 or 3 and so today she went to see Dr. Hunt. Appt was to be for 2pm but I got called into work and didn't get off until 1:20pm. They did fit me in for 3:30pm today tho so that was awesome. Abigale is still eating and drinking and pooping (altho somewhat hard stools). But the weight loss & puking are quite worrisome. She will be staring at her 17th birthday come February 2nd!!

The verdict? She is in the beginning stages of kidney failure. He gave her a shot to stop the nausea/vomiting for the next 24-48 hours. She came home with a tube of "CatLax" which is basically a tuna flavored vaseline. She is to lick a one-inch strip of it off a plate or finger or something twice a day. Feed her as much wet (aka canned) food as she will eat. Picking up an Rx for her from Sartin's tomorrow (when it is done being compounded). That one will basically b…


This is the night that the 3 wise men arrived where the star was trying to lead them. I am gonna go out on a limb and say they stopped to ask for directions because they made it in time. It is also when Ashley married Ryan!! Beautiful service.. kickin' reception.

hello to 2018

So I should probably use this post to set a few goals for this year. .

1) In 2017 I did the monthly challenge over at Scrap Our Stash. For 2018 joined the #52in52 scrapbook pages challenge. Every Wednesday a new sketch will be posted and the challenge is to create a layout based on that page before the following Wednesday.

2) Will continue the Mission Inspiration monthly art journaling challenges that Mike Deakin puts together.

3) Once again participating in my art group's "Birthday Club" where we send a handmade item to those celebrating birthdays.

4) Posting weekly in my planner group.

5) Blog weekly.

5 goals is enough. Also going to make more art :-) Oh! And the last thing i did before bedtime last night was to delete Facebook off my phone. I will keep it on my laptop as that is where my art groups are. I'll check it from laptop but just too much time wasted on it in 2017. Case in point: Instead of surfing Facebook I posted to my blog.

not quite a month later.... sheesh

let's get straight to the accountability...

Blog once weekly... Seriously? That will NOT be on next year's list, I'm just saying

I opened the Vault for Volume 1 of my Curios & Conundrums!!

And Volume II is mostly completed...need to see what the Keys are for the Vault to make sure I have all 12.

I have completed all the ATC jams & collaborations that were on the desk

And ALL penpals are caught up & mailed out as of today

Planner played in and updated. Waiting on Office Depot to get the coil needed to bind all of 2017

Make a booklet or journal? No

ATC Challenge? on hold for the Holidays!!

Mission Inspiration journal challenge? November & December are still pending

Scrapbook? Done through November

Scrapbook Challenge? October done but November & December not even started

Birthday card group? need to get started on the early January cards

An unexpected death in the family took up some of my crafting time. Still working on a gift for someone.

seems like... weeks must be about 21-22 days long because my GOAL is to post weekly but my REALITY is every 3 weeks. ARGH. As a rationalization, however, I will point out that is is the BUSIEST time of the year and we are still under-staffed. I have been making cards and gifts and things for the holidays as well, and it is NEVER a good idea to type on a brand new laptop when you are playing with acrylic paints. NEVER!! Add to all of that an unexpected death in the family (11/18) and the resulting funeral (back home) you can see where my time has gone. On the win side of the equation I have written and addressed all my holiday greetings and gifts. They will go postal Saturday (my next day off). I did NOT do my November 1st accountability for the month of October... allow me to combine those 2 months into one since I work tomorrow (the last day of November) ::

Make a booklet or journal? Actually, I DID! It's a gift :-)
ATC Challenge... on hold for the Holidays!!
Mission Inspiration jou…

so 3 weeks+

Ok, so the whole "Blog Weekly" thing is kinda not working out right now. But there is hope on the horizon since 11-8 sees the return of TM#8 & 11-27 sees the return of TM#7. That will put us back to being fully staffed on the clinic floor!! And that means I go back to 3 or 4 days a week!! And since I was one of those ppl about to lose PTO I am taking my week off from work and spending it in Texas! TM#3 took a week 2 weeks ago and TM#6 took a week last here I am :-)

Trying to teach myself more of the coptic stitch binding and acrylic pouring. Also have a slew of things to be tie-dyed. All those things take time @ home...time that is NOT spent sleeping or making meals or running errands, doctor visits, etc that have to be crammed into the ONE weekday off I currently have.

Been spending a little time with Suzi... mainly in the evenings when I get home. Lovely weather on the beach right now, I tell ya! No pictures for you right now bc they are all in the camer…