A Saturday off...

and how did I spend it? Doing nothing except chill and relax. I took some time to play in my art room. I did caught up my emails and completed the mission inspiration journal challenge for June. Oh... I got the pictures from our end of May birthday camping trip into the scrapbook!! Pictures from the BHS reunion wknd should arrive this week. The Scrap Our Stash Challenge was posted 6/15 so I have a couple more weeks to get that completed. I did go to a garage sale at oh my God a.m. Saturday morning hosted by none other than the coastal magpie. I picked up some really cool stuff: some mat board, a table that will hold all of my scraps in a open top file, some paints some Nifty pieces that will become mixed media items... way cool stuff. Did spend some time reorganizing a few items in order to get two pieces of storage type furniture moved into my room. I have a few jams that need to be played in and passed on so I'll work on those Monday along with the scrapbooking challenge. Ye…

Reunion over, back to the grind

3 weeks since my last post. My weekly plan to blog went awry because I have been oh so busy!

Birthday trip with the A-Liner went awesome! Dogs behaved and we relaxed. It was so nice to be inside it & dry when the rains started.
And since it always seems to rain at some point when we camp I felt like we'd triumphed somehow. Grin. Got back in time to have the pictures printed during Snapfish's Penny Prints sale so that was thrifty as well.

I got back to work for a week and ended up having a co-worker get the boot. Thankfully we(dogs included) still got to go to Texas as scheduled. It meant I had to come back to work 2 days ahead of schedule but that is ok. We got to see the kids, my Dad & his friend, Jane, Buc-ees, HEB & Torchy's. All must do;s when there. Also attended my BHS All Class reunion for the Friday Wine Mixer @ the Frontier Times Museum & Steak Night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. Made the main event @ same bar to see Rotel & The Hot Tomat…

Getting ready..

Crossing as much as I can off my tasks list in preparation for my annual birthday camping trip. We'll be leaving out Friday & will return Tuesday. The difference this year will be that we are doing the trip in our ALiner camper instead of a tent. Hoping all the leaks and whatnot are fixed!! We got it used for a terrific price but that means there are things that needed to be done to get it trip ready. Dogs have to be ready as well so I had to get a kennel for Bud. He'll probably sleep in the camper where I am but just in case. And he needed one since he is living with Grandma in a hurricane prone area, just in case.

This trip is about getting away and being unavailable to do anything but chill. With that in mind I have posted all my monthly swaps & pen pal mail out as of this morning. Created a few art pieces (tiny ones) for later purposes this afternoon. I have 4pm appt to see Dr Adam and then a shopping trip to see about some additional camper supplies. Planner has…

I can see the light.... the end of the work tunnel... I think. At least I am only on the schedule for FOUR days this week.. hallelujah! So today is the day I get started on my "To Do List". It has been snowballing since having to pick up some days at work starting back on 5/2. On the "done" side is blogging, Mission Inspiration's & ATC Fun's challenges for May. Ah, and I am all caught up on Birthday cards for my art group & thank you cards for the local art group that through a Bday party last Friday for me. My actual birthday will be spent camping in the ALiner (its maiden voyage, no less).
Left on that list? Making a book or journal. Scrap Our Stash's Monthly page sketch challenge. Working on my art window project. Return mail out to Cher & Brandy from Care package of randomness to Michaela. Getting my address corrected on my voter registration card so I can go to the poll nearest me. Getting my poor nail fixed after its traumatic remov…

If wishes were horses...

...this beggar would ride. And, if wishes came true, I would not have worked too many days last week AND be looking at 5 more this week. ARGH.
And, to top off an exhausting week, I have a wedding to go to. Were it just ANY wedding I would probably skip it. But this one is a friend that I cherish greatly. And so I will go. I will not stay for long but I will go. And I will NOT fall asleep during it.. I hope. LOL. I did fall asleep during the Shuckers baseball game... sigh. Too damn tired.
Working on some art tiles. They are small, can be done assembly-line style and can wait long periods in between working on them. Just the thing for these first 3 weeks of May. So much for only working 3 days a week for the 5 weeks on the May schedule. And no progress on the window. Birthday night for my art group was last Friday and I got some wonderful and thoughtfully delightful gifts! Even a personalized T-shirt from Lisa, who knows my love of scrapbooking. Sweeter group of women you'll not …

How did April go?

I am at work all day tomorrow and Sunday is also busy so let me go ahead and do my Monthly Accountability post now.

Same MONTHLY GOALS: make a booklet or journal. 3 workouts/wk. ATC Challenge. Mission Inspiration journal challenge. Birthday card group. Blog once weekly. Start on one of the windows I reclaimed and turn it into something artistic. TieDye some scrubs.

The Results are in.... 3 outta 5 done
I made several small journals and took them as demos to Art Night.
I DID NOT work out at least 3 times every week bc of work schedule and some health issues.
I DID complete April's ATC Challenge.
I DID complete April's Mission Inspiration Challenge (today, LOL)
I DID make birthday cards for those that were due.
I DID NOT blog all 4 weeks of April (this will be my 3rd post this month, not 4th...sigh)

What ELSE did April include? Besides working 4 days a week instead of 3? I got to see an Opera (was a bucket list item)...Faust. WONDERFUL!! Loved It!! Playing in my planner &a…

The end is in sight?

Managed to get the work schedule posted for May (finally) and guess what? There are now 10 people on it!! So hopefully no more working 4 or 5 days a week. Yes, while the pay may be nicer than a 3 day week it takes its toll on the body & the spirit when I work too much. No art time makes me sad. No beach time, no Bud time... all of these snowball into a cranky chaotic mess! Not to mention I had to cram Monday & Tuesday workouts into one (done this morning) and STILL have to complete the workout for today. UGH.

I have started on the 1st of my Mixed media Windows. It is cleaned up, sanded here and there (want to leave it distressed and aged looking) and the glass has been caulked back in. Keep in mind these windows are the original ones to our house and as such they are older than I am.

Today is my day off and I am planning to do the Scrap Our Stash challenge today. Also on the horizon (hopefully today) is Mike Deakin's Mission Inspiration challenge for April.

Saturday w…