Friday, January 20, 2017

I had a blast!!

Today was my day off.. and I took it!! No phone, no work calling, no household stuff (well, not much)... just me & my fur babies and some paper! And ink, modeling paste, glue, scissors, pearlX powders, ink, etc... Yeah, I did the basics such as: made chiropractic appointment, paid bills, balanced checkbook, 30 minutes of cardio, meal prep for today & tomorrow (at work), dishes, pet care... blah blah blah. Emails all caught up and cleared out. Art space tidied up from the last few weeks of working 5 days. But then I played in my art room... ALL the REST of the DAY. Radio on & fingers inky. A couple of swaps done & ready to mail. 18 ATCs for personal trades created & posted. Planner played in, prepped for February, next week laid out & posted to the group I admin. First scrapbook page for January completed and put into album. Random acts of kindness made and posted to the box for delivery.
Whoop whoop... now to bed... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

House repair or work?

This is my dilemna this morning... we've got someone coming to help do some of our bigger & heavier home repairs/renovations. And a co-worker has a health issue with a parental unit..... do I cancel the help so I can go to work or do I let work be short-handed and follow through with the hired person? My solution is to split the difference... hand off home repair to Her @ noon so I can drive to work and assist until goodness knows when. And move all the other, littler, things on my "to do" list to Friday and hope for the best. And so today's blog post has come to it's end.. there is much to do in less than 3 hours... argh!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year... New Goals...

So I did not post AT ALL here for November & December. Life gets away from me during the time of year commonly known as "The Holiday Season". Therefore some stuff just has to fall by the wayside. Things like blogging, Facebook, art therapy, getting lost in Pinterest or any of the other extraneous stuff. What DO I do during those 2 months? I cover for people I work with so they can go out of town for the holidays and see their loved ones. I cover for sick coworkers and for those who suffered the unimaginable loss of a loved one during this time of family and friends. I make my gifts for family, friends & patients. I make cards and mail them to the 150 addresses on my list (next year that list will be trimmed down to less than half that #!). I push through to finish all my projects that I have not completed so I can start fresh ones in the new year.

So... that brings me to the NEW YEAR and my NEW GOALS... hence the title of today's blog post.

Keeping in mind that work is still short-staffed for January (and possibly longer) I have cut back on some of my over-achieving tendencies and narrowed my list to these::

I did Journal52 last year but with my schedule starting off as it is this year I cannot commit to weekly anything. Therefore I am doing Mike Deakin's Mission Inspiration challenge... a monthly challenge prompt for art journaling that comes out the 1st Saturday monthly. That I can manage.

I will still be doing Jams & ATC swaps but lack of time and postage costs will slow me down some.

Still doing my art journaling.

I did the Mixed Media Morsels thru #20 and Cat Hand is on #31 ... my goal is to catch up during the year as time allows.

I am also doing the 21 Day Fix challenge with my coworkers so that involves a daily workout .. definitely a challenge but needed!

Quit Michael's and no classes on my "to teach" list... I am good with that. Maybe in the summer when life is less hectic?

I am an co-Admin on a local planner group... not too much involved there and I play in my planner often for fun & relaxing after work.

Oh, yeah.. and Blog on a more regular basis.. d'uh!

Here is to a new year and a better, fitter, healthier, artier (is that a word?) me!