so 3 weeks+

Ok, so the whole "Blog Weekly" thing is kinda not working out right now. But there is hope on the horizon since 11-8 sees the return of TM#8 & 11-27 sees the return of TM#7. That will put us back to being fully staffed on the clinic floor!! And that means I go back to 3 or 4 days a week!! And since I was one of those ppl about to lose PTO I am taking my week off from work and spending it in Texas! TM#3 took a week 2 weeks ago and TM#6 took a week last here I am :-)

Trying to teach myself more of the coptic stitch binding and acrylic pouring. Also have a slew of things to be tie-dyed. All those things take time @ home...time that is NOT spent sleeping or making meals or running errands, doctor visits, etc that have to be crammed into the ONE weekday off I currently have.

Been spending a little time with Suzi... mainly in the evenings when I get home. Lovely weather on the beach right now, I tell ya! No pictures for you right now bc they are all in the camer…

so what have I done...?

... in the last (almost) 2 weeks? Well, had a weekend off (my ONLY wkd off in Oct) to go camping but Nate (Hurricane Nate, that is) cancelled that. Cleaned up yard, worked too much...ugh.

October and fall?

October has arrived... and I have some sort of throat infection. Yuck. But the weather is good and I had yesterday and today to get better so I am off to take a nap...again. Two weeks since my last post. And since I am sick I will keep this short. Accountability (aka how did I do?): Well, lemme see...
Make a booklet or journal. No
ATC Challenge... did not participate
Mission Inspiration journal challenge Sept not done, Aug still not started
Scrapbook Challenge Aug AND Sept completed!
Birthday card group Up to date!!
Blog once weekly Seriously?

On the plus side I have been working my through my Curios & Conundrums Omnibus and have started on the last issue #5 in Volume #1 !! And there has been some volunteers to pick up a few of our scheduled days @ SKC so we are not all working 6 days per week. Hallelujah!

What Wednesday?

So, I was actually off work Wednesday ...hooray for me!! ut was I home? For most of the day I was sitting in a medical facility or I was riding around the coast. Some of that riding around was fun because I was test driving a couple of potentials in my quest for a new set of wheels. The rest of that driving was for a new medication that was called in to the CVS on Hwy 49 @ Pass Rd. Except it ended up (they told me) at Cowan & Pass location. Off to there I drove. Upon my arrival the med WAS there... but only 3 pills. Come back after 2pm I am told. Ran some errands, test drove another set of wheels, lunched with my bestie, made my 5:45pm meeting with LetGo buyer. OK, plenty of time...right? WRONG. Upon my arrival back @ Cowan Rd CVS I am told my med is backordered and they have NONE of it...but that the whole Rx IS available... at the Diamondhead location. REALLY?!?!? So, I go. I put 100 miles on my car chasing a prescription and arrived home @ 7:30pm with it FINALLY in…

Only 4 weeks later this time...

So let me just start with the obvious... the accountability part. I had fewer monthly goals because I knew work would interfere: Make a booklet or journal. ATC Challenge. Mission Inspiration journal challenge. Scrapbook Challenge. Birthday card group. Blog once weekly. And August was a FAIL for all except the Birthday Card group (only because there were no September cards to be made).
The September Mission Inspiration challenge was posted 9/2 and I have yet to even start on the August one. The monthly Scrap Our Stash Challenge was posted 8/15 and I have not done it yet. Maybe later today is a possibility. As for blogging once weekly? Well, that was a fail, obviously, since it is now September 8th. I DID complete all the ATC Jams that were on my desk! and I sent out replies to the 4 or 5 penpals I had letters from in July & August.

However, the month was not a complete loss. In the grand sum of things, it was a TERRIFIC month for DOING. I just wasn't doing any of m…

Almost 7 weeks later....

I have not blogged in almost 7 weeks... that means there was no there has been no accountability posts since April. ARGHHHH

In my defense May ended with my annual birthday camping trip AND with one of my co-workers being told to find employment elsewhere. So down to 9 teammates instead of the required 10-11. That means I worked at least 4 days a week in June. I did manage to scrapbook the B-Day pictures though.

Speaking of June...that month started with my annual "All Class Reunion". Back home to Bandera we went-even the dogs! Took the camper this time, still stayed at my Dad's place. Mid-June saw us at the IMMS educational booth @ Jones Park during the summer shindig there. Got a tooth from a mackerel & a crow shark. Came away more educated because I didn't even know there were such sharks! we both also did some rubbings...lots of fun.
And just when I had become somewhat used to working 4 days a week, teammate #9 quit at the end of June. No notice, no warning.…

A Saturday off...

and how did I spend it? Doing nothing except chill and relax. I took some time to play in my art room. I did caught up my emails and completed the mission inspiration journal challenge for June. Oh... I got the pictures from our end of May birthday camping trip into the scrapbook!! Pictures from the BHS reunion wknd should arrive this week. The Scrap Our Stash Challenge was posted 6/15 so I have a couple more weeks to get that completed. I did go to a garage sale at oh my God a.m. Saturday morning hosted by none other than the coastal magpie. I picked up some really cool stuff: some mat board, a table that will hold all of my scraps in a open top file, some paints some Nifty pieces that will become mixed media items... way cool stuff. Did spend some time reorganizing a few items in order to get two pieces of storage type furniture moved into my room. I have a few jams that need to be played in and passed on so I'll work on those Monday along with the scrapbooking challenge. Ye…