Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back on track...

Both with the blog and the art projects. No mixed media today.. didn't get to Mike Deakin's Mission Inspiration today. Sad. But I did get the February Scrapbook Sketch Challenge done. Actually I got TWO of them done. That is because I did the wrong one first and then found the correct one Oh well... not like I don't have loads of things waiting to be kept in some form of memory keeping! Did the workout first thing this morning, then saw Dr. Adam (love him!!) and went to fill car & cans with gas. Got some ATCs made for upcoming swaps. Tickets are now pre-selling for March 3rd showing of Logan... so excited!

Monday, February 20, 2017

missed a week... darn it!

So, a day short of 2 weeks in between posts... darn it! Last week was rough...worked 5 out of 6 days in a profession where you SHOULD work ONLY 3 days a week. Not an excuse...well, ok...realy it is one. So there. Just gonna own up to it.. I was flipping exhausted! Since I posted last I've had to revamp the rest of February's teammate schedule bc we are now short 2 techs (Yes! 2!) and write the March schedule. Managed a full moon firepit celebration, complete with libations, on the 11th. The 12th of February saw us bringing home the newest member of our flock... an ALiner popup camper! Laureli has spent her time as of late renovating it... camping is going to be so freaking cool this summer!! It even got new weatherstripping yesterday while I mowed the lawn. First mow of the season.. maybe winter is about over? The 13th saw me starting a "Clean Eating" challenge that lasted 5 days.. I made it!! Helped that I worked 4 of the 5 days the challenge lasted bc (as you know) Sundays are spent cooking & packing my meals for the week. Valentine's Day was lovely, even tho I worked it. Friday evening was art group but I slept through it. Saturday was the Long Beach Mardi Gras Parade and drinks after with friends @ Chili's. all of that AFTER working all day. I was beat but it was a blast. It was also Stat-urday for my fitness group. No big changes but at least the #s are trending down. Sunday I finished my rock garden!! And that is the picture I will leave here today...
Blessed be and hope to see you next Wednesday, back on schedule!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

And so my month continues....

...One week into February & I am still on track with the fitness challenge. January is already in the scrapbook AND the trip we just completed is about to be! Off today (which is not the norm) because I work tomorrow. A teammate needed to swap days so I am about to run to St Patrick's and make a banner for this Sundays concert featuring Sibyl Child & Dr John Paul. See details for this free event HERE. . Book Making is on my horizon this week, I hope... shall see. Think work is about to be short one more person starting 2/13. YeeHa....not. Rock Garden is still a work in progress...need more marble (aka need more $). We are under a tornado watch until 2pm due to a line of severe thunderstorms coming from the west so we've battened down the hatches & secured loose yard items. Bud is in and already snoring in his bed. He's no dummy! Made some really tasty spinach pancakes for breakfast. got a dry mix with spinach in it (lowers the carbs that way) from MS_Patticakes out of Hattiesburg when we stopped in at the Farmer's Market this last Saturday while in Jackson. Love that market. Got some sweet potatoes as well & one of them has been shreadded and put into muffin cups and baked. Will be the base for some Denver omelet style egg muffin cups...this afternoon's kitchen project. Also need to cook 2 lunches for Weds & Thursday.
Well, off to go make a banner.... See ya in a week (I hope!).