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looking for a new home....

Well, we are going to go look at a house tomorrow in Bradford Meadows...that is the old section of downtown Kyle... 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage with a fenced yard. Not quite 1600 sq ft. Why 3 bedrooms? Well, we need a room, obviously... Jayce will need one, when he is home from college, and when he's not it can be a guest room. And then the critters will need one. And, according to all those in the know, each cat needs their own room...and we have 3. So... we need a 3 bedroom. The bathrooms are just for us, one for guests, and one for the litter boxes! One car goes to college, one for the Celica, one for Spirits truck, and the Olds? Guess I could drive it, huh?!? :-)

new family member, today's color, musings

Well, son spent several hours setting up the latset family member & making "Bumper" comfortable. How many turtles do you know that get to clamber aroundon an $75 chunk of Georgia marble? LOL Yup, son has set up shop for a turtle...a red's the cutest, tiniest little thing. Little red dot on its tiny little neck, which I got to see a lot of. He kept peering up at us whilst we tried to get the filtration system to work. Took some doing, I tell ya. :-)
The rest of the evening was spent setting up new bookcases. Spirit made a killing w/some guy off CraigsList for 5 bookcases, 7'x2.5'x2' black bookcases, already assm'd w/variable shelving. Which we were desperately in need of. Our library is growing by leaps and bounds, and the collection of DVD/VHS as well as the arts & crafts supplies are not exactly small either. Not to mention the antique glass, the stones, crystals and various other tools…

a Calm 4th

Well, Spirit had to work yesterday (even tho was a paid holiday for both of us) but I got to go back to bed and slept in until almost 10am!! Then son awoke so we went turtle surfing, looked at some python accomodations as well, got a present for his GF. Did the potato salad to take later to dinner @ the Grove. That was nice...a leisurely event while Mother Nature sprinkled the Earth. <><><><><><><><><><><><>
Sorted through some Gaia (or Odin) stones whilst there. These are rocks that have had holes carved into them by water over eons. Turns out Boomerang has a knack for locating them...or rather, they do the locating. Interesting... they are said to manifest emotional healing, and in ancient Britain, holey stones were threaded and hung within the home as a protective ornament, were hung on the bedpost to prevent nightmares (being strung with red ribbons and hung over the bed) as well as worn around the neck or …


Saw fireworks this weekend, bad and good... sigh. The bad occurred Friday evening. Spent an hour with Enigma, wondering if a cell phone really COULD be choked to death {turns out it CAN'T} and then head home only to discover that the Tornado had decided not only to skate onto thin ice but crash full force through it and into reality of its own making. Living on borrowed time now, I think. There is only so much even Spirit can take before the soul is weary, and the soul was indeed weary and worn, just in the hour Tornado spent tearing apart Spirit. That one young soul would say such things to the one person that actually cares... I find that very sad indeed. Bad fireworks.
Kyle did its Community deal @ the Park Saturday from 5pm on... live…