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Soon to Cross, Never Forgotten

This post is dedicated to Sheba... the gallant animal companion to Tribus. We've held Sheba many times in our Circles and now it is almost time to hold her in another Realm... Many blessings on your trip across the Rainbow Bridge.
You will be lovingly remembered for all the love and joy your bring to others. Go in Grace.

newbie = no show

Well, I guess the title of my last post said it all... DREAMER that I would actually get some freakin' help @ work..sheesh.... today is catching up on some art swaps.... tomorrow is sabbat, weds we are having some friends over for dinner, thursday is a planning meeting for the ongoing 2nd thursdays workshops, fri is possible dinner w/shaman... saturday is art day, sunday is our last Deep...sheesh whatta week! gotta love this life, even if I can't get any help at work...sigh...