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Yes, it has been 2 weeks BUT...

I left for Annual Council and returned late yesterday! It was in Southhaven, which is, oddly enough, not anywhere in SOUTH MS. GO figure. Where it IS is in Northwest MS...the very top left corner of the state. Almost next to Memphis. So we did council then headed over to Beale Street, the Nat'l Civil Rights Museum (we'd stopped at the MS one in Jackson on the way up) and some light shopping. Waiting for Snapfish's next penny print sale to get my pics for the scrapbook printed. Speaking of Scrapbook, on to this week's challenges, deadlines and tasks (which will ALL have to be done today as I work rest of week).

But before I go, since today is the last day of did I do?
1) Every Wednesday a new page layout sketch was posted and I created my page in time to qualify for the monthly drawing!.

2) I have completed the January Mission Inspiration art journaling challenge that Mike Deakin put together.

3) All caught up in my in my group's "Birthday Cl…