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oh phooey!

Well, so much for the heatwave... here it is, 12:43pm and we are already at our high temp for the day... from here it drops back into the range of freezing. Sigh. My dragons are haivng a hard time staying warm, I think. Rooms (dragons & pythons) drop to around 68`F at night even tho I have the heater (central furnace) set to 74'F. Pythons are okay as long as they dont get below 60`f as they have undertank heat pads and nighttime heatlamps (which I had best turn on tonight). But the dragons are not comfy much below 70`F... their normal range is 85-90'F on the cool side and they bask around 105-110'F. Someone on the Dragon Zone suggested blankets or big bath towels folded over the tops of the 2 open tanks to hold the heat in once their lights go off... all they have at night is the ambient temp left from daytime.

Today is one of those days where you just don't really want to be at work... and what am I doing? Addressing 300 holiday cards to clients...BY HAND!! No w…


Wow, was all the way into the 50's when I woke up this morning...and NO ICE on my windshield!! I was beside myself. Of course, this is AFTER I went and bought a ceramic heater for the Celica... poor little gal does not have heat any more... imagine, 330396 miles on a 26 year old car & it does not have a working heater any longer...sigh.

My twin & twin's family will be coming to Spirit Stone Sanctuary (our humble home) this Saturday. Will be nice, they've never been there, never seen all the babies :-) or the land or anything. Sun is a baby shower and a POSSIBLE reptile expo. Need to get the carpenter to get going on the other habitat... like we need another reptile...right? Oh, but the uros are absolutely adorable! Even Spirit wants one, so no resisitance there. Maybe the pythons will be up & about whilst kiddos there, even tho they are not a diurnal species. Snakes are always a wonderful "show & tell" item...never what newbies expect them to b…