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My little boy is growing up....

Agathos actually struck at his dinner last night! He missed the mouse because his eyes are still covered (is in shed process still, sigh). I am so proud... my little boy is growing up!! Maybe he has been watching Daimon feed? Now if only he would watch his big brother get in the water bowl & then scrape off the old skin on his log... a molt should only take 3-5 days at the most... this has been a week now? On the plus side, he is looking thicker, can't really trell about longer since he was curled around the hapless little mouse.
Indra is relaxing a bit, really likes his twice daily showers and he LOVES zucchini. Even sat on my shoulder for a while whilst we managed another branch for his habitat. Seems to enjoy sitting in his water bowl. Little sis Hecate is just as active as ever, of course...lithe as she is.
I am happy to report that the last box from the kitchen floor is now unpacked ...and I was only 20 mins late to work yesterday and 10…

ta da!

Well, ritual & handfasting went off without a hiccup. I'd say w/o a hitch but that would be wrong now, wouldn't it? :-) And, no one tripped over the broom. A few teary eyes, even. Awesome evening, really. As Lughnasadh kicks off the 1st (of 3) harvestfestivals for us pagan souls, it was a great way to being... the fruits of love.... ah, I am a romantic, yes.. I admit it. Shhhhh, don't tell! So, the harvesting begins...may you be blessed with prosperity, good health, and wisdom. May you never hunger and never thirst.

Handfasting Day!

Handfasting:: a betrothal; a Wiccan marriage rite, which should embody the understanding that the union is "for as long as love shall last." So, after moving all of our worldly possessions into our new home and then attempting to unpacked them all (note the word "attempting") as well as getting the last of the details for handfasting in place, today we stand before the Priestess and our friends and handfast! Those that can't be there due to health, gender, etc will still be there in spirit, and there is always our reception/housewarming coming up on September 30th to look forward to.
And don't be fooled, the house IS coming along, in spite of the rest of life demanding our attention. The yard is another story, altho Spirit is getting all the trash into a pile for pickup. Living room is about done, other than fine tuning the apothecary and the 5 bookcase, computer hutch, etc. Kitchen still has a few packed boxes along the wall, but oh well. Guest bath …