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Accountability Check-In

So let me check in… Same goals for February that I had for January: make a book, 3 workouts/wk, ATC Challenge, Mission Inspiration journal challenge, birthday card group and Blog.
The Results are in....
I STILL DID NOT make a book. Not even a booklet. That will change this month!
I DID work out at least 3 times a week (some saw more).
I DID complete February’s ATC Challenge.
I DID complete February’s Mission Inspiration Challenge (MD even liked it on FB!!).
I DID make birthday cards for those that were due.
I DID blog all 4 weeks of February!!

What else did February include? Still working 4 days a week (instead of 3). Got my day to day stuff done most every day. Put money into savings then took that plus more out in order to give a new home to a popup camper!! Stuck to my budget (other than the camper). Saw my chiropractor. Got rock garden completed. No significant weight loss or inches this time around. Sigh. On Round 3 of our 3 week challenges at work, still hanging in there. A…

March madness....?

March has started off very well for me thanks to a strategically placed DAY OFF!
Got up this morning to the sound of a coffee pot making me some tasty java...went and sat in the yard with Bud and coffee. We were shortly joined by EVERYONE else... so it became leash training time for the kittens. Eventually into the house for my 30 minute workout, shower & breakfast. Now caught up on the financial tasks & electronic checking ins on my "to do" list. It is quite and peaceful and I am tidying up my art space, working in my planner, and relaxing, along with the kittens. they are currently laid across my Happy Planner (is why I moved over to the keyboard to start with!) and bathing each other. So sweet. Now, out and about to enjoy the day... maybe Nud & I will go walk along the shore...