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Merry Solstice to all

and to all a good time! not that central texas will have any snow but it made me feel a bit closer to the snowy realm so I used that picture on my Yule cards to my new neighbors!! We'll be delivering a card with some type of goodie attached to all 4 neighbors in our cul-de-sac... Seasons Greetings to you all.... merry meet & a safe solstice... I will be swimming my way into a-town for ritual then observing this winter solstice from sunset to sunrise tomorrow morning... then shopping!

Came across this while planning Lunar

The Poised Edge of Chaos
Patricia Monaghan
Sand sifts down, one grain at a time, forming a small hill. When it grows high enough, a tiny avalanche begins. Let sand continue to sift down, and avalanches will occur irregularly, in no predictable order,until there is a tiny mountain range of sand. Peaks will appear, and valleys, and as sand continues to descend, the relentless sand, piling up and slipping down, piling up and slipping down, piling up - eventually a single grain will cause a catastrophe, all the hills and valleys erased, the whole face of the landscape changed in an …


Well, the library came together nicely... little over 2 solid hours of working the stuff around... not perfect yet, but, neither is life! The parental units are slated for holiday visit and the library does double duty as guest room so kinda important to get it set up! Next is to finish the computer desk so that box can be tossed (right now it is prominently displayed at the foot of the bed...sigh). Then there is cleaning up around the side porch...since it is muddy we are ALL using that door...front yard of spec homes are never very pretty until the grass comes back... or the grass seed sprouts in spring.

Spirit is planning the holiday menu both for dinner at our place Christmas Eve & a dessert to take to the twin's place on Christmas Day... "Pumpkin Surprise"! Gets all the raves when you take it places! :-)

Agathos's cold may have finally gone away...poor thing was whistling when he breathed...not good!! Apparently got too cold in the new set up when the infr…