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so, for those of you that have been following along... I fell off the faceof the earth (or at least online & MS Gulf Coast area) to study for my CCHT. that is the National exam board that I am required to pass in order to remain gainfully employed as a PCT (Patient Care Technician) in any state. Currently I am employed in the state of Louisiana as a PCT but there is an eighteen month window from the time I graduated (July 2012) to when I must pass the exam. Otherwise, I would have to find other work. Not what I wanted to do so I studied. And I did practice exams. And I studied. And I studied some more. And I PASSED it yesterday! My chosen test sight was Metarie, LA. My reasoning behind that was that it is right around the corner from New Orleans and I was needing a French Quarter fix. What better way to celebrate passing the CCHT (Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician) board than with coffee & beignets at Cafe du Monde with my BF?!? Strolled around the frech Quarter, s…