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Sunday... a day like any other...

... mostly because it means Monday (and work) is right around the corner.... but for now it is a cat rodeo at the homefront... in out in out in out... in to chase Abi around the house until you irritate me and I put you back out, beginning the cycle AGAIN of inoutinoutinout... argh!! Okay....back... 3 cans & a dog now out, 1 cat left with me inside.

Breakfast has been made and eaten, laundry in washer, kitchen tidied up and put away, 2nd cup of coffee in hand... amazing what you can do when the "children" awaken me @ 7:30am. All that I have on my schedule today is lunchtime with D @ 1pm and yoga @ 6pm. I love my life! Gonna write a couple of pen pals so that is up to date, and then GOOF OFF! Visited the parental units yesterday and mom loaned me a set of Dean Koontz books- Odd Thomas series. That is the grand plan for my day.. R E L A X.

Here is a picture for you to relax to....