Showing posts from March 26, 2006 there a song inside of you....

....and does it take you back...? I am singing...again. Or would that be still?

You know, Christians have their 10 a pagan, I have two that I live by:
"Harm None" & "Threefold Law". So when things come to me in 3's, I tend to listen. well, todays song is a repeat for the 2nd time. Once more and I may have to investigate a bit further to see the message.

Great night!! Son invited me to dinner with him & his gf, Erica. How nice to finally spend some time with them both, she is so sweet. And his grades are improving...gotta wonder if that is her influence. :-)

Got invited to a goddess (Aphrodite) event next really looking forward to that... belly dancing, fire twirling, belly dancing, all sorts of thing!

Drawing dirty pictures on the back side of your mind

with a little help from Kris Kristofferson.... that is a lyric from one of the songs off "Border Lord"....

well... I woke up with just a refrain from a Prince song...good ole Prince.... that man sings "horny" like no one else, I tell ya! And, upon waking up with THAT running thru my mind, I promptly rolled over and let something else run amok.... needless to say, the 'song of the day' did not get written down ;-) Good Morning Friday and HELLO weekend!!
Off to another running start...

damn it!

You know that feeling...? The one where you wake up and think the other pillow feels warm from where that special someone JUST was? Well, I woke up with another song playing in my head...but I lost it! I gotta start writing them down FIRST thing or it's like reaching out to touch that pillow only to find it know she was never there except in my dream :-( I awoke with an ache that tells me it was a soulful song, but I could not recapture it among the clamour that begins my day. So I will have pen & paper ready for morning. .. that is the plan.

I wake up laughing...

for those of you that care, I have this saying in a frame that says "It's okay to wake up laughing" which is nice because I do. I also wake up with a random song running through my head. I thought this was something everyone did, until I shared this quirk with a few of my trusted friends. They gave me one of "those" looks. You know the look. So I began quizzing a few more folk. Seems about 23% of the ppl wake up with a song, sometimes the same one, sometimes not. So I am not all THAT odd. Of that 23% however, not all of them do so EVERY freakin' DAY. Sometimes I hear just a refrain or a chorus and I can't quite pin it down, others I can actually get the artist &/or the song title. With that said as my intro, today's song was Anna Nalick's 'Diamond in the Rough'. Specifically:: "And someday love will find me in the rough, Someday love will finally be enough" And with that...Blessed Be :-)