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That was this morning's tune... and fitting... Bear in mind our office is SUPPOSED to have 4 people in it in order to be classified "fully staffed"...we have only had 2 since Dec 6th 2007. The other "veteran" employee made it thru winter (in propane SEASON, I remind you) scarred but alive and
exhausted. On Jan 21st Northern Lights started...and Revlon started Feb 6th...FINALLY, FULLY STAFFED!! Except Winter is not over and the "VE" quit yesterday. So here I am, 2 new people to train, the 2 bosses are out for funeral arrangements and I am backlogged. I am unhappy. I put in 60 hours last week trying to get things caught up only to be back in the muck again. Frustrated. My body is desperately trying to be ill & I wont let it...I do not have TIME to be sick at this point. I also got several of the jobs from Boss2 because Boss2 is taking on the stuff VE was doing. Almost called in sick this morning but I know the office is in a bind right now so I…

"Drawn To The Rhythm"

Lovely croning last night for one of our own. Also served as a birthday party & a farewell party. I'd say bittersweet but it was just sweet... the wheel will continue its path and so will the guest of honor... and all will come back around.

Speaking of birthdays, we are playing host for some friends that want to have a bday dinner for another one of our friends.... only they are S I C K... majorly so :-( So now Spirit will be cooking the dinner as well as cake... so good about those things... did not even skip a beat. Just said "Well, we needed to stop by the store anyways, we'll just pick up a few more things."

Today is Book Goddesses 1-3pm then the above dinner @ 5pm... and since it is now 10am, we have to head out in 2 hours... babies to feed, some cards to make, some decos to play in & pass on... amazing how much stuff does NOT get done when you work a 60 hour week... sigh...