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Awesome Gathering!!!

Well... we had out reception/housewarming today.... ppl came from all over!! We entertained for about 6.5 hours ... which translates to "munched, showed off dragons & pythons, sipped coffee, munched some more, showed off hamster, kitties, house. " Really great group of ppl...mingled well with one another. I got to meet Spirits friends & coworkers, Spirit got to meet mine. I can not imagine a better way to have spent my Saturday, I tell ya! Especially since it was my 1st official Saturday off... Newbie works them now, and newer newbie starts Mon 10/2 and will be rotating. WHEEEEEEEEEEE I will actually know what "TGIF" stands for!! The ppl are now gone, leftovers in hand...Spirit got kitchen cleaned up while I tidied rest of house & put the babies to bed.... ahhhhhhhh BLISSSSSSSSSSS.

Agathos ate a pinky mouse... about 1/2 the size he needs to eat, but hey, after 30 days... a meal is a meal..I tell ya! Need to weigh Patches & Mischief, see if the…


Well... massive migriane around 2am this morning... finally slacked off a bit & I got some sleep around 6am, woke up @ 8:30am to feed dragons & then headed to work. We are meeting at 5pm at BeeCaves Automotive so Pete can fix my Celica (brake pedal goes to floor...M/C most likely) next week. Then, after Spirit picks me up from there, we are heading south to pick up the party trays @ Costco for tomorrow, then HEB for some extra groceries, cat food, then home to finish cleaning up around the place. Whee... I am so tired today.... was fairly productive last night, got middle bedroom ready (Python Parlour w/special guest Lizzie) and the end room ready (Dragon's Den), dishes done, counters cleaned... need to vacuum living room and our bedroom still.... want to neaten up the laundry area a bit. SIGH

Off & running

Well, I did it... I got up @ 4:45am as usual...fed cats, packed our lunches & pushed Spirit out the door at 5:10am...and I DID NOT go back to bed! I stayed up and had some coffee, made 4 salads for the dragon's "breakfasts in bed", held the bowl for Mischief even. He LOVES the orange butternut squash. Patches started chowing down right away... poor things probably have not had greens in ages, judging from the info the prev owner gave us :-( Indra seemed really fond of the thawed yam patty (cut into cubes) and his kidney beans. Hecate...well, she is still a youngster, compared to the other 3... cricketville for her! She was waiting, too... ignoring that salad! She slowed down after a good 30-40 of them, so I stopped dropping them in on her. What an appetite for such a tiny gal! Then went and brushed my teeth, got dressed, etc. Grabbed some breakfast, topped of my coffee cup & out the door I went ON TIME. 7am!! OMGosh, I made it to work on TIME....

Hump Day

Just another day? Well, is the first day of fifth week for Agathos' hunger strike...mouse was untouched this morning...sigh. And it is day four for the newbie, who came to work even AFTER all the BS that transpired yesterday. And, boss has hired a newer newbie to start Mon 10/2. Still don't know what they are doing to cover this Saturday but I asked for it off 3 months ago and they canned the co-worker that WAS covering it. Newbie not trained yet bc boss' have some other pressing priorities right now. Speaking of priorities...I have just about given up on going back to bed when Spirit leaves for work @ 5:15am... I have been trying to catch that extra 45 mins of sleep, but I just can't get 4 salads made & delivered w/crix AND get dressed & ready for work AND eat breakfast AND meditate. No matter how hard I try to get it all done from 6-7am, I have ended up leaving the house at 7:15am, and that means a very fine line between "on time" & "l…

Damn... 5 hours AT MY DESK!!

Normally that is not such a grand thing, but after packing & unpacking for the boss' since 9/12/06, it is rather remarkable! New hire has just been thrown into the fire, so to speak. D got a job offer w/FULL BENEFITS (lucky dog!) from an application put in before coming back here. Took it, of COURSE! And gave 2 weeks notice, yesterday, that last day would be 10/13/06. Then this morning, it what could only (IMHO) be called a fit of spite, boss' sent D packing today. Without training the newbie, I might add. I know things have been stressful for them since having to move, dad having cancer, building new house, et al. But you don't go ADDING to your stress level by firing the person best suited to train their replacement! ESPECIALLY when you went off the day before on an employee about needing the rest of us to step up because you need help "to get it all done", juggling rental houses, business, dad's personal stuff, kids, etc. I don't get it.

I am no…

Wow...10am, still @ desk!

That means I am NOT doing any packing, moving, or unpacking!! WhooHoo! I have actually gotten my invoices posted, folded AND mailed. My deposit has been started, even! Wow, actual work that does not involve stairs.

However, Hecate is not her usual active self..wondering if it is because maybe the new arrivals have stressed her, or the move from 20 gal to 40 gal tank? I have pics..poor things... go HERE.

Politics @ work... I know they are stressed but lately the boss units are letting personal bleed into professional... I know that is hard not to do with such a small company, but damn. Yesterday, a coworker was offered job from application placed before starting here...they just got around to calling and making job offer. Which, I will add, comes with FULL benefits. So coworker gave 2 weeks notice... today they said "Go." So much for two weeks consideration. How rude. Maybe giving notice is not the way to go, ya know?


well... the rescues...OMG... 75-125 grams underweight... lots of stuff going on but I am outta time today because I was UNpacking the boss now.... sigh....