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Happy Mid-November

Well, I am awake... and late to the Gem Society's crafting workshop. Every third Saturday is the meeting and it is in 2 parts: 9-noon is crafting part of the event & 1-2 is the business part. As the newsletter chair I must attend second part. As the crafting person I am I like attending the first part. But I got called in to work yesterday for someone and closed so was a wee bit tired and have only just now awakened and am sipping my first cup of coffee. Will get there in just a bit, after coffee, breakfast & clothing. Don't think my jammies are appropriate attire, really.

Have completed week 2 of the new OS @ work... still sucking. Enough said. On the bright side I had Tuesday off so I created a swing card (several, actually) and created a tutorial for it... will post soon. Would post a picture of one but it is a Birthday card for a co-worker so not going to do that just yet.

Have to decide what all I will be taking to Dad's when I go... light packing will inclu…