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you're in love...Ratt

No, I did NOT misspell "rat"... the name of the band is RATT. :-) This morning's song.

Today's card... cardstock background, some colored & layered flowers with a flower brad and vellum that I stamped the word 'friend' on.

still working 12 hour days so this week & next will be spotty. Just dawned on me I have not even filed my quarterly sales tax for the last 1/4 or 2009! Eek!

Off to the salt mines... sigh

a quiet week on the home front?

Went to Bandera, Texas yesterday. My hometown. Visited the parental units for a bit, scrapbooked with my mom-her retirement party from last August. Also took her a 2010 calendar made just for her, complete with photos of her friends & grandkids in the month of their birthdays. Was a lot of fun making both of them. Dad....Dad gets brownies I DON'T make, bc I love him. LOL. I don't cut the hair of people I love either, bc there just are not enough of them & I don't wanna lose any friends over food or haircuts. :-)

Saturday was supposed to be "cards by chaotic" day. Did I get a lot of cards done? Only about 10. But I DID get to spend an hour & a half with my new Septic Guy & learning about my aerobic system from start to finish. Interesting stuff, actually. So did not get a lot done on the card end but it was still a productive day. My goal is to make 50 cards a month and then take them to my rack in Bastrop Market. January 16th is the next day for…