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I just noticed that I have not posted on here in like a coon's age.. so sorry!!
been busy teaching at Michael's, working at DaVita and living the beach life.
callie died in August, almost a year to the day of Mr. Buoy's passing. Sad.
We are looking at end of life care for Cappi as she is way into the geriatric doggie stage now.
Did make it back to Texas in July & then again early October to see the kids, my dad & some BHS friends.
Also did some touristy type things like Horseback riding, walking the river, etc.
Bud did not get to go because I took the BF instead. he can go in March. :-)
Oh..get this.. DAD QUIT SMOKING!!!!!
Wait.. THAT should be the headline.. lemme go change that up top....
Ok... Title of blog post has been changed. That is like an awesome thing, y'all...So, working on teaching some classes outside of Michael's since they have changed how they pay me. They are now deducting a "Room Fee" from my "Classroom Bonus&q…