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Well, 5 hours and 5 loads.. whew, what a night! All the big stuff moved over, as well as most everything else. Have a few boxes left at the apartment and some stuff in the fridge. Son has not moved any of his stuff yet. Asked him when he was going to start...shrug. Go figure. We got Agathos & Daimon over, as well as Lizzie. Abigale, Buoy & Callie made it over on the last trip, complete with their litter boxes and cat trees. We got the bookcases linings the walls in the living room and the reptiles set up in the art room. None of the art stuff is set up yet, and we can't find the flat sheets, so we slept on a fitted sheet with a quilt. Works. We had the coffeepots up & running, so the important stuff works! The box with the alarm clock/CD player apparently did not make it over, but the cell phones have alarms and the french bells made it so they were hung from the ceiling fan. Tonight is "New Moon" ritual at Pat's, then bed... tomorrow w…

Bless Enigma!

Well, Enigma has not only VOLUNTEERED time & truck this evening to help us relocate to Uhland... there was an offer to stop by & get a trailer as well!! Was wondering why we did not just get it all in ONE LOAD w/a trailer this evening instead of dragging it out over this week & into Saturday.... said we'd not the means for a trailer (no hitch!). Problem solved...oooh I could kiss Enigma!! Matter of fact..think I will! Agathos goes to vet @ 2pm today in N Austin, then we head to house to begin the mass exodus from apt to new abode! Wheeeeee

Agathos has a cold :-(

Well, I think my son has given Agathos a cold. Actually, it is a combination of 2 things. The ceramic undertank heater is not working. I am not sure it has ever worked since we installed it 2 weeks ago, to be honest. Never thought to check it...sigh. And my son, darling polar bear that he is, has been sneaking the thermostat down at night to something akin to "serve well chilled" so that I awaken with the covers pulled to my chin and my teeth chattering. Well, ball pythons are terperate snakes, preferring temps of 80-95`F. Went to pick Agathos up last night upon my late arrival (moved boxes over to the new house) and found him tightly curled in a ball under heat lamp and when I reached for him he flinched & sneezed at me. NOT GOOD. SO I called and spoke with the exotics vet today... he thinks Agathos may have a respiratory issue. 1st thing I did was turn off house AC. Son can go sleep somewhere else. 2nd thing is to replace damaged ceramic undertank heating pad (Spirit …

Big Brother

Well, Agathos got a big brother Saturday...Daimon! As soon as we get settled in new house, I will post some pictures of both of them as well as Spirit's dragons. Not to mentions the HOUSE!! LOL. The yard has a flowerbed up front, complete with a metal frog and purple/blue rocks in it. We are home. Perfect. Of course, I have hours and hours and hours of work in front of me before the September 30th housewarming, but oh well! :-)