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Chester's Memorial Service

Well, held a small "family only" memorial service for Chester...kitties attended...


Well, I promised Rhonda I would get pics of my women purses on here, and so here they are!!

well damn

so much for escaping December unscathed...I was SO close, too!! Caprice transmission died on Christmas Eve, Chester died on Christmas Day, which I discovered right before phone call tellimg me Granddad's liver cancer is inoperable...then got a call 12/26 that Mary A overdosed. Crappy, crappy way to do a "holiday". God thing I choose to celebrate Winter Solstice instead...otherwise might have scarred the whole xmas deal for me.... Saw twin & his family xmas eve, then Eliz & family for xmas day... all very nice... got to point I just wanted some alone time tho... stopped at Pet store & adopted Lizzie. Turned out she was considered a "genetic defect" and "damaged" & "unsellable" all because she is missing her back left foot. Poor girl... anyway, took her home, regardless ... told vet I was missing a brain, Lizzie a foot... we are perfect for one another. Got some kickass music for the holiday... thanks to all of you that asked …