well damn

so much for escaping December unscathed...I was SO close, too!! Caprice transmission died on Christmas Eve, Chester died on Christmas Day, which I discovered right before phone call tellimg me Granddad's liver cancer is inoperable...then got a call 12/26 that Mary A overdosed. Crappy, crappy way to do a "holiday". God thing I choose to celebrate Winter Solstice instead...otherwise might have scarred the whole xmas deal for me.... Saw twin & his family xmas eve, then Eliz & family for xmas day... all very nice... got to point I just wanted some alone time tho... stopped at Pet store & adopted Lizzie. Turned out she was considered a "genetic defect" and "damaged" & "unsellable" all because she is missing her back left foot. Poor girl... anyway, took her home, regardless ... told vet I was missing a brain, Lizzie a foot... we are perfect for one another. Got some kickass music for the holiday... thanks to all of you that asked me what I wanted, then got it for me... I love that deal! Celiva will soon have a stereo again (kisses to the Queen) and then I can listen to BLS, Nickelback, Korn... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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