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Step by step, Heart to heart

I know, it is too late for St Patrick's Day cards, but since when did I follow conventional rules? I did a random shuffle as it is Friday, and this is what comes up. The other thing that comes up is that I have not made a single card all this week.

Monday was a 'mental day' and a complete success... I even forgot it was payday!
Tuesday was grocery shopping and household stuff. Wednesday was clinic, Thursday was massage and now, somehow, it is already Friday!

Saturday will be Austin RCG's Spring Equinox so do feel free to join us if you are a woman over the age of 18 :-)

Mandolin Rain

Card sentiment seems a bit off if you listen to the song (link in title)...but then again...maybe not. This is one of my fave cards, actually....

Life is a Waterfall

not sure I have ever woken up with System of a Down playing in my head, but oh well! The song has my 2 fave elements... air (Song title is actually Aerials) and water (falls). And the true point to the song is at the end, when you are reminded : When you lose small mind
You free your life
Aerials, so up high
When you free your eyes eternal prize

With that... Good morning! Today's card is made to fitin a #10 business envelope, in case you don't want your friend to know it is a card the moment the open the mailbox. Ppayed with Spellbinder dies and DTP (direct to paper) inking. Now, time to go play like I wanna be at work...

(insert 7 dwarves singing "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go......")

"GOOD NIGHT, Mrs. Calabash--wherever you are!"

"GOOD NIGHT, Mrs. Calabash--wherever you are!" For years, Jimmy Durante ended his radio and television shows with that unusual sign-off. So, today.. here is mine... (thank you Rascal Flatts)

Love who you love
With all that you have
And don't waste the time
That flies so fast
Love who you love
And say that you do
Hold on as tight as they'll let you
Love who you love

Give all you've got
Like it's your last day
Your heart and soul
Before it's too late
And pull them in so close
Enough that they can feel it
With every single breath that
You're breathing
Breathe it in again and again

If you could only see how blue her eyes can be...

And, speaking of love, tomorrow is not only St Patrick's Day but it is also the day a few friends will be celebrating Piscean birthdays! I am a fan of people born under the sign of Pisces as they are the other duality in the zodiac. Makes us Geminis feel less insecure, you know, to have a similarity to others :-)

This card is simply layers upon layers, thanks to Spellbinder die cuts and my Sizzix machine and a little bit of ribbon. Secret for ya? Cut the layers out of EACH OTHER. htis not only saves paper but makes the card less bulky for mailing. By that I mean the small topmost white layer is actually cut out of the white layer sandwiched between the 2 blue ones. Same for the smaller blue one being cut out of the larger one.