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newsletter is complete

Ok, got the email list and the letter from Gem & Mineral Society of Gulfport this last week so I have completed my first edition of the Gulfport Gems newsletter and emailed it to those I had email addresses for. Only one person gets a snail copy so will print that when I get home from library & get in the mail to lucky recipient.

First attempt at the new scheduling being implemented at work (against the better ideas of PCTs but who cares) did not go off as bad as it could have, all things considered. We began tweaking it even before 8am, that should tell you something. But the end result is that I survived... we all did. But doing so this coming Weds, Thurs & Fri will require new tunes, so... acquired some new music (Black Sabbath 13 & Mumford & Sons Babel deluxe CD). Also, hoping me & the BF will get to watch Gravity this week... I am a fan of Sandra Bullock's.

Now, off I go to make some paper art!