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Acronyms List

Someone asked me about some of the initials/acronyms that I use... here is a list:
AB = Altered Book
ABC = Anything But a Card
ATC = Artist Trading Cards
CAS = Clean & Simple - minimalistic card style
CASE = Copy and Share Everything
CS = Cardstock
DSP = Designer Series Paper (a Stampin'Up term)
DTP = direct to paper, an ink application
EP = Embossing Powder
LSS = Local Scrapbook/Stamping Store
OSW = One Sheet Wonder
PIF = Pay It Forward
RAK = Random Acts of Kindness
UTEE = Ultra Thick Embossing Powder
WS = Workshop

Don't rush this baby

This is what you do with spare pieces left over from other cards.... layer them and emboss birds and then write something clever. :-)

Full moon circle tonight in Bastrop...wheeeeeee

You Oughta Know

I love the picture cornerer! This is a 5x7 postcard (cut from a cereal box) and then covered w/DSP. then I made a 4.5 x 6.5 pice of paper, cornered it with the photo edger and inserted my picture (A flied that used to be my yard). Back sice is for address. Written message is UNDER the picture.

I am angry at you

You left me @ the Dairy Queen in Kyle last night. Maybe you just forgot me? Or were you hoping someone else could take on your responsibility for my care? Did I eat too much, cost too much, take up too much room? I know I am not a small dog but you just walked away from me and just left me there, tail wagging. I waited. I waited all night, even after Dairy Queen closed. And I was still there this morning, waiting for you to come back...did you forget me, forget ABOUT me? But then I thought I saw your car across the road!! So I ran down the grassy hill and across the street to tell you I was still here, that I forgave you, that I still love you... and love you I did, right up until the big black SUV ran me over on I35, which I was crossing to get back to you. Now, I am angry at you. I don't love you any more. And I will never love you again.

I am angry @ the world today

Why would you let me run loose just because you did not like me barking at people who came up to our yard? You just let me run loose and me not knowing any better. I did not know that our street was not the same as the big wide one around the corner, that the cars go so much faster, even in the dark. WHY? Because now I am not running any more... my body is laying on the big wide road and I am waiting for you to come pick it up. I died alone last night on the big wide road, alone in the dark, waiting for you to come get me. W H Y ?

you and me ...

Good Company...what a song to wak eup to...had good company last night!! and of course 2 cats in the bed when I woke up! Only one will come to the shower with me tho... the other will be busy trying to drink my coffee! stamps & paper 3D sticker.... on DSP... wheeeeee

All I have to do is dream...

Well, Movie Monday was last night, watched Will Smith in "I am Legend".. I enjoyed it. Nothing like a killer virus in the year 2012. Reminded me a ot of the documentary we saw, something along the lines of "Like After People". If you have never seen it, is a History channel show showing what happens after we erradicate ourselves... the Series begins in the moments after people disappear. As each day, month, and year passes, the fate of a particular environment, city or theme is disclosed. Special effects, combined with interviews from top experts in the fields of engineering, botany, biology, geology, and archeology provide an unforgettable visual journey through the ultimately hypothetical.

As modern metropolises like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC are ravaged by nature; the series exposes the surprising insights about how they function today. Basing this futuristic world on the surprising history of real locations, already abandoned by man, like …

Ghosts appear and fade away

well, up way too late... trying to get Daimon interested in eating...tried again this morning, still no luck. Sigh. Wish he had the appetite his little brother has! This is distressed vellum I got off of a package (you know I recycle EVERYTHING possible, yes?) using Ranger's distress ink.