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One Tin Soldier

Last night @ our lunar we revealed this year's "Secret Bees". That was fun!! So, here is a Bee card! And, I am out the door... have a safe & Blessed New Year's Eve, y'all!

Sometimes she cries...

So, woke up with Warrant this morning... not the one at the door, y'all... the band. Actually... I HAVE played pool (8 ball) with the band, back in Georgia. .. back in 1989.. so that would have been Jani Lane, Joey Allen, Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon & Steven Sweet. They were on tour, opening for Cinderella.

So, with that title as a lead in, here is a Sympathy card done on repurposed packaging (window blind box-thanx to MAVK!).

Blessings of a short week to you all!.

my achy head/body

Winter blahs? PMS? that cold thing that has been circulating at work? This is no time to feel less than well, I might point out. BUSY week ahead! board meeting today, lunar weds...Thurs is New Year's Eve party here.... no idea what that will look like :-) ...Friday is New Year's Day so sleeping in...might go to the IMAX in Austin & see Avatar, not sure yet...Saturday is clean/catch up day...Sunday....might try to go see Mom as that day is free.... I don't see any time to be ill! Do you?

Still working with the Dreams lineup.... and faux wood.
And, I owe... I off to work I go, headache & all....
Same quote as the last card, just done differently. And with a fairy on a toadstool, this time. the background is a piece of leftover DSP. LOVELY paper, especially up close.

And a LOVELY holiday week last week was! We started off with Winter Solstice on Monday, work party Tuesday, relaxing on Wednesday, spent time with friends on Thursday after work, Friday we slept in until 9am (!) and then had a nice afternoon luncheon and great conversations with some other friends, Saturday we went to see Robert Downey, Jr in the new Sherlock Holmes film, and yesterday we cleaned (Sundays are out tidy up & do laundry days, sigh). No stress, no commercialism, no forced cheer. All in all, I am incredibly blessed.

May the returning light bring you peace & prosperity in the season to come. May blessings abound.

Sun Day = Clean Day

So, whilst Spirit cleans Rebel's room.. I am posting! great division of labor, I think. LOL. But I will have to go make breakfast soon as I hear my stomach rumbling. this card is a scrap of wasabi paper, nail polish, a sentiment stamp and some background scraps cut into squares. Easy!! What is NOT easy is deciding which techniques I will teach at my Feb 7th 2010 workshop on greeting cards. Hmmm.,.,. stay tuned!