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waiting ever so patiently

Well, I woke up with a Meredith Brooks I can't remember it... I really should write them down first thing. By them time I feed the 4 small mammals, the 3 cats & 1 large dog, then make 6 salads... I do well to remember to eat breakfast...much less remember anything once I walk out the door.

Winter is trying to make an appearance...can't imagine why as it is only mid-November in Texas. There was actually frost on my windshield this morning...down to 66 degrees in the lizard lair.

Still waiting to hear from the mortgage people about our closing date... they are shooting for today or Monday and if THAT happens, we are palnning to actually move in on Thanksgiving Day. Why waste a paid day off, ya know? Well, for now...we wait. Art Saturday is tomorrow, and is right around the corner from our place, so that is nice.

Deep work on Sunday, so need to work on that a bit... see what type of PR I want to present.

Snow has fallen...

Came in to work early today.... only to find the shop Siamese, Snow (short for Snowball) slain in the parking lot across the street from our office.... buried her out back in the truck yard, where she used to catch lizards & bring them to me as treats.... her favorite place lately had been at my feet under my desk (heater is there, too) or in my lap helping me type up invoices.... which is where she was shortly before 5pm yesterday. Buried her with some food & water, a magic stone, and best wishes for a speedy trip across the bridge.

Blessings to you, Snow, and I will see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Life is a Highway

Wonderful evening last night with Max Dashu...what a lovely spirit!!
here is her website


Well... heard from mortgage broker today...we are now in the underwriting process and may even be closing as soon as next week.... wheee!!! So we begin packing in earnest now instead of just a few things here, a few things there. And, spoke w/the head landjerk just now (called to tell her I had gotten an email, someone wanting to purchase 170 NCR) and she says "We've changed our mind... we are not going to sell right now, we want to wait until they get the schools in and it goes commercial.". Umm... so, if you have decided not to sell right now, that menas you had decided to sell before, otherwise how can you have "changed your mind"? I mention that because, in her last correspondence, she says she never mentioned selling 170NCR to me. Ummm, yeah, right. The good news is, I keep all the back and forth BS (in writing) in a file. So, should she choose to go ahead with small claims court (in an effort to force me to pay rent Jan 1-July 31 2008), I will be prepa…