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asking the Magic 8 Ball.....


Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

well... good one for me..... anyways, last night was our spring equinox ritual... grand time! coupla new faces, which is always great. and, speaking of new faces, there was one on our way home.... cute longish nose, long floppy ears... a goat was out after curfew hitchhiking on 183 South not too far before our cutoff for Hwy 21.

Gold Canyon

am hosting a candle party... what a perfect thing for a witch to do! Tonight... so shopped for the party...drinks, cheese, etc...what fun! Spirit is cleaning up ... wheeeeeeeeee

You Can Sleep While I Drive

Well, in keeping with the song of the day, washed the Escape today... vacuumed the carpets, did some smell good under seats, washed off my bumper stickers and license plates so you can READ them again.... today is the last "free" day and then the rest of the week will be hopping... candle party Wednesday, Thursday is the spring equinox ritual, Friday is full moon out past Bastrop, Saturday is an out of town visit with some friends, Sunday is helping the chicken ranch get some pens built... life is so good that it just takes my breath away at times, all the things available to me....