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Almost 7 weeks later....

I have not blogged in almost 7 weeks... that means there was no there has been no accountability posts since April. ARGHHHH

In my defense May ended with my annual birthday camping trip AND with one of my co-workers being told to find employment elsewhere. So down to 9 teammates instead of the required 10-11. That means I worked at least 4 days a week in June. I did manage to scrapbook the B-Day pictures though.

Speaking of June...that month started with my annual "All Class Reunion". Back home to Bandera we went-even the dogs! Took the camper this time, still stayed at my Dad's place. Mid-June saw us at the IMMS educational booth @ Jones Park during the summer shindig there. Got a tooth from a mackerel & a crow shark. Came away more educated because I didn't even know there were such sharks! we both also did some rubbings...lots of fun.
And just when I had become somewhat used to working 4 days a week, teammate #9 quit at the end of June. No notice, no warning.…