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well, so much for TGIF

well, the newbie does not want to work EVERY FREAKING SATURDAY (don't blame her) and since the powers that be fired the other newbie, there is no one to rotate wknds with but me. :-(
So back into Saturdays I rotate, starting tomorrow. So no cause for TGIF other than AFTER work it is Art Day @ Energy's house. Gonna finish one swap, start a couple of others, and work on the football scrapbook I want to do for Rebel.

supposed to be at lunch but waiting in newbie to show up for work... had doc appts for all 4 children at once today, is one way in now (called to alert us). 'Course, I already ATE lunch...those who know me know that my "lunch hour" is really my "nap hour". And, since we spent some time last night looking for Spirit's cell phone, it was after midnight when I got to bed. Yawwwwwwwwn. We'd gone to HEB (dragon's DEMANDED some greens!) and then to the trash dump...then home... tried to put cell on charger...oops!! But it was reported …

well phooey!!

I guess I can update this since I am STILL on hold w/Everyone's Internet. Seems they are discontinuing their dial-up services... meaning I am going to lose my email addy :-( They will process me on over to PeoplePC, but it is more expensive than what I can get as part of my AT&T bundle. So, I have moved to GMail.... I will now have to begin the time-consuming task of alerting everyone and their dog to my new email before the EV1 ppl quit. I think I have had that one email for over 6 years... I will have to update, evites, everyone! GRRRRR

Had lunch w/Centex today..our fave place, Nutty Brown Cafe... oh, and OF COURSE the fried ice cream! Spent yesterday mucking pigs for boss bc computers were down here at work... I DESERVED fried ice cream.

So, will work on changing out emails on EVERY FREAKING THING tonight.. and art swaps!

Blue Mondays

Well, as much as I am not a fan of Mondays, yesterday was a kicker. As you might recall, the bosswife killed my lunch hour last Friday...well she did the SAME thing, with bossman's help, to me yesterday. I swear I need a flashing neon sign reminding them that I GO TO LUNCH FROM 2-3PM!!!! You see, Friday the five computers @ their house would not get on the internet... now, keep in mind I know zip about this type of stuff. So I called a pro... bosslady dropped the ball till 2pm, then at 3pl he is there, fixing stuff but she has to leave and go get kids from school. Yesterday, someone was to get leads on $300 computer systems for 2 of their daughters...and dropped the ball, which somehow found its way into MY Lap. Umm, no such computer, unless you get it w/o the monitor. I was not shot for being the bearer of such news, but it did nothing to improve the day, let me tell you. And today is strating off the same way... a computer issue here, only the bosses took the computer in qu…