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Catching up.. I hope

...well last night I was laid low by sinuses...nothing like major headache and swollen face to make you NOT feel at all artistic. Was in bed before dark even..sheesh!! Today I am feeling somewhat better...eyes were able to open at least! I have a dozen or so decos that I am in line for but can't freak about those until they arrive. However, my 2 Yahoo deco groups pair up for swaps the first of the month so need to get cracking and make some more!! Also have 1 to make for my Alabama Gal..Viggo themed, as if that were a surprise, right?

...several open ATC swaps due for Pagan ATC group on Yahoo and I have a coupla trades I need to complete art for so I can send them off in timely manner... one goes to Sweden, the other stays in the US.

...really need to remember to take pictures of my art BEFORE I send them away. Poor Hydro thanked me for her "just because" item... something "really crafty" she said... and I had no idea what I'd sent her!?! Had to ask her...u… more pics

This is from my Fun With ATCs Yahoo group....
this one just had to have a postage stamp on it...
Halloween ATCs

recent art on Nervousness

We were given a shallow, shallow tin (made to hold a gift card from a local home store) and told to alter all 4 surfaces in some way and then mail to our partner. I got 2...theme on left one was "Found Poetry" and the other "Fairies".