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Watch our Holiday Video...

Go HERE to watch Spirit & my Dad do disco for our holiday video...

how I sleep in...

We get up @ 5:45am Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, I don't have to go to work. So I TRY to sleep in. It looks something like this: stay up late with friends watching a movie because you KNOW you don't have to get up in the morning. Finally make it to bed somewhere before midnight. Look at the alarm to make sure it is turned OFF. Go to sleep. Have a cold wet nose sneak under the covers, nudging you awake. Look at clock. (5:49am) Groan, get up, get dressed & walk the dogs. Decide to feed the dogs so they will go lay back down. Come back in only to hear guinea pig squealing. Get her some water, and while you are at it, a chunk of butternut. Decide, while you are in the fridge, you might as well make the lizard salads. Pass by the fish tank and feed them, turn on their light for the day. Look around & see that one of the cats is on the clean laundry... go hang up the laundry. Look at the clock again, it is 8:18am...decide you might as well stay up... call the local …

Opals Embossing Enamel says..

I am

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Macquarie Turquoise Blue

There's something about you that makes others thing of naiads, water sprites, or even the Goddess of the Sea. The flow and pulse of water has drawn you in and you understand the depths to which this delight can take you. You can bring thoughts of the water and the wild home, capture them, display them, and above all, allow others to experience them too.

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Looks like I made it...

...back in less than a week! Less than 12 hours even... I am up, showered, dressed & heading to the kitchen to make breakfast for me. I hear Spirit chopping up lizard breakfast, and the guinea has quit squealing so she must already have gotten hers.

So this card was fun! You know I love backgrounds. Brayered in blue then added a bee in clear EP, some shiny stuff (?) from AfterMidnight Art Stamps and then a couple of word stamps.

So, over on Highlowaha, on the 18th of the month we share our HIGH, our LOW, and our AHA for the month. Mine are : High: I asked for a raise-and got it! Low: Deciding what is staying behind in 2009. Aha: Realizing it is OKAY to not do everything AND that it is NOT okay to not do the things I truly enjoy at least some of the time.

can a week have 8 days?

Well, my goal is to post at least WEEKLY.. .I see I missed it AGAIN... 8 days later. However, not nearly so exhausted!! But I am soon off to bed, so really quick::
we spent 2 hours this evening at Songstone's and then came home refreshed but still tired. Lots of adjusting as Spirit completes 2nd week back at work after 3 months recovering from fractured spine. We are in "workshop" mode. .. .. I am teaching a workshop @ Bastrop's PineCrone Retreat Center the 1st weekend of February (see details HERE). So that would be the perfect time for Spirit to install some custom shelving/built-in type of setup for all my "stuff". :-) Since I will have with me.

So... this card is made from a REAL butterfly. She was in the intersection of 967 & 1626. Guess how many ppl I peeved by stopping to pick her up? yeah, well... anyway, she perished in spite of being removed form traffic. So I immortalized her in this card. The edge is a pseudo punch. Does not punch OUT, ju…