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So begins the weekend

Well, am 4 hours away from the weekend. I have to work tomorrow, but that does not really count. I'll bring my "Self_Portrait" swap to work on. Also have to file & have a 5 page list of people that owe money.. I LOVE sneaking up on them on weekends! Then to Pam's to help her set up an art area in a spare bedroom, then a swim, then Coffee w/Sailing Dave. Sunday I am hooking up w/Elizabeth for a ride into Austin to do some stuff in town, but only after sleeping late & having a liesurely breakfast! No worry... a good plan, I think. May everyone else fare so well...


Tony Iommi, the man behind Black Sabbath for so many years (that didn't stop in 1979, folks) has a new album out. It's brilliant - but that should be no surprise to anyone who is a fan of his. "Fused" is the name of the new one, and it's the third collaboration between Tony & former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath singer Glenn Hughes (the others being the 1986 Sabbath album "Seventh Star" and 2004's "The 1996 DEP Sessions").
Track by track summary of "Fused":
1. Dopamine - The opening of a new album of Tony Iommi riffs. It's like the needle going into the vein. Traditional Tony Iommi riff and song.
2. Wasted Again - Slower song than #1, although not really "slow". Features some good vocals by Glenn Hughes.
3. Saviour of the Real - No killer riff or vocal hook on this one, but still nice.
4. Resolution Song - Starts out slow like older, moodier Sabbath. Interesting vocal hook that sounds like "Ah-yee-ah".…

Survived the 4th

Well... remind me not to go on tubing trips that last longer than 6 hours...sheesh...
Our tube trip on the Guadalupe took about 2 holurs longer than the "estimated" 7-7.5 hours.
The sunburn not so bad but the beating I took... knees, ankle, arms, shoulder.. DAMN!
On the good side, Jayce and I headed to my folk's place the next day, so I had time to recuperate. Even took a vacation day July 5th, but that was more for getting his financial aid straightened out rather than a "real" vacation. To those wondering, an average semester (14 hours) will run you about $5700, not including books. OUCH. Still, $12,000 per year @ Texas State beats the $28,000 Trinity wanted. START SAVING NOW!! Even if you don't plan on having shildren, START! You can always use the money on something else if the stork never shows. And, if it does so, even accidentally, you'll have a head start. Okay, time to work!