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OMG...4 weeks gone, like that?!?

Well, I see that the day count IS indeed accurate. Walking the dog I saw the neighbors are counting down to Christmas (yard decoration does it for them) and we only have 16 days left until "The Event". OMG. Then that means only 22 days left in the year 2013. WTF happened to the year? Where did it all go? And how did I get to here, then end of it, so fast? I still have 2 projects on my "DO THIS YEAR" board. I have books I meant to read this year (real & Nook). I have not made full use of my gym membership. ARGH.

Looking on the bright side... I made it through a lot of things this year, and I made it through them with some semblance of grace. I learned some new things, both relating to the mundane work like and the fun craft life. I joined a couple of new groups and became the newsletter editor for the Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Society. I met some new people, made some new friends. I even started teaching (mostly) monthly art classes again, which I haven'…