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Tutorials from last night's card class

Taught a card making class last night and several people were absent due to football and travel, so here are the 2 cards I taught ... If you would like to have a one-on-one for these, just let me know... available during weekdays to meet up as well :-)

Fold & Flip Card
• Double sided Card stock cut to 5.5x12 inches (if don’t have 2 sided, can glue two thinner sheets together, white side to white side to make double sided and thicker)
• Adhesive, both glue & dimensional (pop dots, foam tape, etc)
• 3.5x5”Solid color card stock (inside panel mat)
• 3x4.5” Lighter color card stock (to write on)
Score (landscape oriented) card stock @ 2” 4” 8” & 10”
Fold inward on the 4” & 8” lines to make a “gatefold” card
Fold the 2 front flaps outward on the 2” & 10” score lines
Open card completely and mark 2.75” down from top edge
Line 2.75” mark AND the top of the 4” score mark up on cutter blade (or use a ruler and X-Acto) and cut off top triangle…