Tutorials from last night's card class

Taught a card making class last night and several people were absent due to football and travel, so here are the 2 cards I taught ... If you would like to have a one-on-one for these, just let me know... available during weekdays to meet up as well :-)

Fold & Flip Card
• Double sided Card stock cut to 5.5x12 inches (if don’t have 2 sided, can glue two thinner sheets together, white side to white side to make double sided and thicker)
• Adhesive, both glue & dimensional (pop dots, foam tape, etc)
• 3.5x5”Solid color card stock (inside panel mat)
• 3x4.5” Lighter color card stock (to write on)
Score (landscape oriented) card stock @ 2” 4” 8” & 10”
Fold inward on the 4” & 8” lines to make a “gatefold” card
Fold the 2 front flaps outward on the 2” & 10” score lines
Open card completely and mark 2.75” down from top edge
Line 2.75” mark AND the top of the 4” score mark up on cutter blade (or use a ruler and X-Acto) and cut off top triangle. Do same for the other side, from the 2.75” mark to the top of the 8” score line, cutting off top triangle.
SAVE THOSE PIECES as they can be applied to the bottom outer corners … flip them around and see how you like the look using both sides of the card stock. You can put them on front or back of card. Or you may like how your card looks when folded just fine without these pieces. Entirely up to you!
NOTE: there is no real front or back of this card until you decided which way you like it best. However, you need to decide that now, before you continue to next step 
Decide which way your card is going to be and then unfold to expose what becomes inside panel of card. Adhere 3.5x5” mat to center inside panel and then adhere 3x4.5” mat on top of that.
Fold card to the closed (mailing) position.
Place embellishment on front of card using use dimensional adhesive. Only adhere to ONE SIDE of the card, leaving room to tuck other side of card under embellishment to hold card closed.

The other card was what I sent as a thank you to my priest for her support during Mr Buoy's transition from this life to his next...

If you would instructions for this one, contact me and I will show you.

Have a blessed day!
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