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Somebody's Miracle

Speaking of miracles.... woke up, walked the dog, 2 of the cats, still managed to eat breakfast, make lunches, stop by bank AND get to work on time! I love it when there are no school zones :-)

So, Dan with Aanimal Wonders (pet place in San Marcos) came over last night to look @ Diana & Dionysis... says they are beautiful (I knew that!) and look healthy. I was concerned about their size, thinking maybe F2T or something :-( Got them December 2006 @ about 7 they are tipping the scale at right around 35-37...keep in mind I am speaking in GRAMS. Ah well.

So ... the nation's holiday is tomorrow... what does that mean to me? A paid day off to water, weed, walk. A paid day off to invite friends over for a meal and conversation. A paid day off to create art.

Speaking of art... with Aria's assistance last weekend I've now got a couple dozen (blank inside) greeting cards ready to donate to Austin RCG to sell at the 16th annual Festival of the Goddess. Mostly I did…