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10 days later..sigh

...on the + side, it has been a very fun-filled 10 days since my last post. Went to Nutty Brown's "Nawlin's Night" on the 12th (good food but music too hard to hear from restaurant side because they were playing on bar side). Then went to Texas Renaissance Festival for the Highland Fling weekend.. and camped out! Great time, love to camp with PeaceRev.. even had a heater IN THE TENT. Nice, since it was down into mid 30's overnight. Used the tartan to protect/hide my plain blue sling. Monday after work/therapy/chiro I met some friends for dinner @ Hyde Park Bar & Grill. Tuesday was the last installment of this year's series @ BookWoman. Weds was a board meeting (which was actually fun). Last night was dinner at home that I COOKED (damn it takes a long time to cook one-handed) and then walked the dog & had meaningful conversation with my (well educated) roomie. That is always nice, especially since stupid people irritate me. Today was hand therapy YET…