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Weekend Report

Well, talk about a jam-packed weekend!! Saturday morning I worked, of course... my usual 8am-noon. Then rushed home for the satellite guy (the company tells you a.m. or p.m., that is all). Whilst we waited I got all the pictures hung up on the walls and Spirit got the front yard mowed. Then we got all the closets shuffled and arranged so NO MORE CLOTHES on the floor !! ~~~~~~~~~~
Avalon & the Aussie came over around 2:30pm, then I get a call from the dish ppl, guy wont be there between noon & 5pm, will now be 5-5:30pm. OK. Our guests left right around the time the dish guy called...LOST! How can you miss the ONLY hot neon pink mailbox on Hwy 21 ?!? So, Tim finally shows up around 6:30pm, just before Peace & company came over, so we did not get to do anything really other than hang out and watch Tim install setup while kids played on trampoline. Finally, 9:30pm comes and EVERYONE leaves!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sunday we have a list a mile long of things to do in A-Town since we …