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Corn Dollies!

We had our monthly workshop last night... oh my! We made corn dollies!! WHAT a blast... found out the trick to them is soaking the corn husks in warm water... what a difference that made. The creations women came up with,,, I tell ya... awesome creativity. Pics to follow, they are still in camera as it was way past my bedtime.

the Feri tradition

embarking upon something totally different for me... today I am catching up on the studies as my partner in crime has already completed the 1st chapter & I am lagging behind. Why? Well, why am I lagging or why am I studying? I am lagging because I have been creating pieces of art to donate (as fundraising items) to the 16th annual Festival of the Goddess. I am studying it because I was asked to and could not see any real reason NOT to. I am up for all types of learning. And this is self-paced, the 2 of us bouncing stuff off each other every so often, disccussing things once in a while, and maybe gleaning a new and useful idea or two while we are at it. Social time, but with meaning. So that we will actually do the work involved rather than just talk about the work involved. Daily exercise and such. Altho very little in my life happens on a DAILY BASIS... I have now forgotten my meds 2 mornings in a row...sheeeesh.