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Well, we continue... spent all of Friday crisscrossing Austin, 1st in N Austin to hospital where they administered cortisone shot & pain med via injection. Then home for a nap. Then headed to S Austin for a 2 hour session with a lovely woman who was quite informative and helpful. While she was not actually able to do anything at the moment, we learned a lot from her and will try implementing some of that knowledge today. Just not right now. After a really long night with very brief naps, Spirit has had bath in epsom this morning, another Motrin & is back in bed, nauseous from pain. Sigh. As yet unwilling/unable to do any of the exercises learned yesterday but now in possession of a walker, Spirit is able to get to bathroom or couch of choice.

It has been raining off and on since 3am. Yes, I was awake when it started. sigh again. Walked dogs under umbrella around 6:30am, they think I am whacked. Tara came in, ran right to breakfast bowl. Bud came in, ran and jumped into his recl…

what a long long week it's been

Well.... long week!! Last week after I posted we had lunar & almost 1/4" rain. Saturday was art day ALL day! Sunday... hmmm? Oh, yes, migraine & making my personal Yule cards (all 50 of them!). Monday was a PAID HOLIDAY and we went to Wimberley with a friend & played at Broken Arrow (Thanx Tami!!) and then had lunch @ Grins in San Marcos. Tuesday was back to work & bath night (I should post a pic of the Scuba Dude in his element). Spirit had a back injury over the weekend so spent Tues @ Doc, rest of week on couch in pain & last night was really bad...long night.... today we try to get her into doc, chiro (Dr Ruth, are you out there?) etc. Sigh.

The card is "Primary Love" the three primary colors in TEXTURE. Blue is embossed, yellow is embossed, red is corrugated. And a word stamp.