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Buckcherry is Sorry

well, over a week has gone by since I last posted...that is what happens when you are a wee bit under the weather over the weekend, then sick enough to miss work the 1st part of the week...sigh... and did I get ANY art done? NO :-( But, with the help of Rebel (and the added lure of a free lunch!) I did get my card rack set up at the Bastrop Producer's Market, near the intersection of Highway 71 & Highway 21!! So now we see, I guess... so many people have told me how much they love my cards but those people KNOW me. Will I succeed selling to people that DON'T know me? Who knows... but I do know that, with 12 birthdays coming up, I suddenly miss my card rack. Will have to go visit it Sunday before the New Moon @ PineCrone Labyrinth and snag a few of my own! Or, stay well long enough to make some more.

I have been adding to the "Project Box" but not doing. sigh. Ah, but today I have a surge of energy (and maybe inspiration) as I will be stopping by the house of a lo…