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if that was this morning...

So, following this morning's post::
TYPICAL EVENING @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary: Leave work @5pm; stop by grocery store for weekly needs then home by 6:45pm; unload groceries onto kitchen counter and walk the dogs. It is now 7:15pm so feed dogs and put groceries away; Put tamales in oven (for dinner) and wash dishes. Check tamales... not warm. Scoop cat litters & refill all food & water bowls for the demanding trio of felines. Check tamales... still not warm enough. Set rats out to thaw for pythons and vacuum living room. Replace couch covers for Friday's movie night. Check tamales. Tamales warm! Go eat... and relax... right up until the dogs need to go outside for last potty break of the evening. Bed by 10pm.


TYPICAL MORNING @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary goes like this 5:50-6:10am Climb the StairMaster; 6:10-6:30am shower & get ready for work; 6:30-6:45am pack lunches, feed cats, feed fish (NOT to cats); 6:45am-7am fill dog's water bucket in kennel & scoop poop; 7am pick up 2 neighbor kids & head out 7:15am both kids dropped off at school & I head to work... 8am arrive at work!

The good news? I did not do as this morning's song suggested and "Crash". Truth be told.. I feel pretty energetic for a Weds morning! Maybe there is something to this walking my way to health... i got the message last night that it was time to stop rationalizing and start changing unhealthy patterns of behaviour. . . including my reluctance to add physical activity to my day.

Taxes are done so all that is left tonight is walking the dogs and making some valentine's day cards for a few special folks.

Big Shot

Normally, in my world, Big Shot means the incredible die cut & embossing system from Sizzix. But this morning, I woke up with Billy Joel. Ah well. Spent last night actually sorting through and putting away the things I brought back into the house Sunday after my workshop. Most of it has been gone thru & stored or put back in place. I am mostly ready start back to work in the card department... but first... TAXES. I wish I could typo that and put TEXAS but no.. I must prepare to pay Uncle Sam. And taxes around here are lengthy because I do mine, Spirit's, Rebel's and then ours all as one, in order to get the best (ie: most $) result. Argh.

So this is a card using mostly Die Cuts from the Sizzix. You knew I would get back to that, yes?

:-) have a blessed day!