TYPICAL MORNING @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary goes like this 5:50-6:10am Climb the StairMaster; 6:10-6:30am shower & get ready for work; 6:30-6:45am pack lunches, feed cats, feed fish (NOT to cats); 6:45am-7am fill dog's water bucket in kennel & scoop poop; 7am pick up 2 neighbor kids & head out 7:15am both kids dropped off at school & I head to work... 8am arrive at work!

The good news? I did not do as this morning's song suggested and "Crash". Truth be told.. I feel pretty energetic for a Weds morning! Maybe there is something to this walking my way to health... i got the message last night that it was time to stop rationalizing and start changing unhealthy patterns of behaviour. . . including my reluctance to add physical activity to my day.

Taxes are done so all that is left tonight is walking the dogs and making some valentine's day cards for a few special folks.

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