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Thank you

That was what I woke up with this morning... Thank You. I don't think we say that enough to the people in our lives. I said it last night... and it feels good when you really mean it, even if no one knows why but you. :-)

So, last week was a very good week, in spite of the overtime. This week will also have overtime. . . January is a peak month for propane & propane issues/idiots. One client calls & says there is NO WAY the driver could put LPG in his tank and fill to 85% because "There is no 85 on the gage." Excuse me? There isn't one on my speedometer either but I am GUESSING 85MPH is halfway between 80 & 90. D'uh.

This card is alcohol inks over texturized paper on inked CS. Seagulls are one of my fave stamps.