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How did April go?

I am at work all day tomorrow and Sunday is also busy so let me go ahead and do my Monthly Accountability post now.

Same MONTHLY GOALS: make a booklet or journal. 3 workouts/wk. ATC Challenge. Mission Inspiration journal challenge. Birthday card group. Blog once weekly. Start on one of the windows I reclaimed and turn it into something artistic. TieDye some scrubs.

The Results are in.... 3 outta 5 done
I made several small journals and took them as demos to Art Night.
I DID NOT work out at least 3 times every week bc of work schedule and some health issues.
I DID complete April's ATC Challenge.
I DID complete April's Mission Inspiration Challenge (today, LOL)
I DID make birthday cards for those that were due.
I DID NOT blog all 4 weeks of April (this will be my 3rd post this month, not 4th...sigh)

What ELSE did April include? Besides working 4 days a week instead of 3? I got to see an Opera (was a bucket list item)...Faust. WONDERFUL!! Loved It!! Playing in my planner &a…