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Inward, to the Deep

Samhain marks the beginning of the Witch’s year. "Other" folks may look at Samhain (or Halloween) as being all about death & dying but to a Witch this a time of rejoicing. It is the beginning of a new life or a new existence And it starts with the journey inward...back to the Source of all things. Outwardly this is a time when nature dies or sleeps and opens the door to another of possibility and insight. Inwardly this is a time for reflection, for some stark self-examination, and for the mystical journey to the Source. This turning inward, the self-examination, the breaking of attachments, habits and compulsions, the burning away of the shadows of ignorance and the return to Truth and Wisdom-THIS is the message for me in the New Year. Like many animals, I, too, will be hibernating as I turn inward and take stock of my spiritual journey during the previous twelve months. Then I can emerge in the Spring filled with the knowledge of where I have been and wh…